Node-RED nodes for hubitat

Thanks - I do have 2 MakerAPI instances but they are sending the POST events to two separate Nodered instances (on two different machines, so different IP addresses). Would this still be an issue?

The device events do show up (it's the same device, two separate MakerAPI, two separate Nodered). In the second MakerAPI instance, I have seen it publish temperature and humidity readings, but did not see the motion event. Very confusing - I will play around some more and see if I can narrow it down.

I've actually been watching this for a while for linking to my Rachio. There is someone with a personal weather station within about 1/2 mile from me and it shows as a PWS in Rachio, so hard to make a use case to get Weatherflow!

No, that's fine. Even two Maker API instances pointing to the same node-red instance works fine as long as the endpoints are different (I do this frequently in testing).


I am using an MS6 for illuminance reporting and it works fine in NR. I use it to turn my exterior & landscaping lights on/off. Are you sure the events are configured correctly in Maker and the NR Config? Because I run multiple configs I sometimes get the settings mixed up between instances. always fun.

For the MS6 - Currently using the system driver originally was using @csteele's version but there was some sort of C-7 bug but can't remember and it's probably been resolved.

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Fortunately, I have only one... right next to the Inovelli multi which is no better, IMO.

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I have both as well but would say the Inovellis are better than the MS6's - they are not repeaters. Those devices other than my exterior MS6 sensor are confined to our basement so don't usually get into a lot of trouble.

I prefer NYCE for battery operated stuff and hacked IRIS sensors for my powered sensors.

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Meaning you replaced the battery with a USB input???



(sorry for reposting this)


Thanks. I haven't seen this before.

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Hmm - I may try switching over to the system driver and see if anything changes. I do see temperature and humidity events being published, just not anything else (I have the device node attribute set to "all"). I have an RM automation based on "illuminance" (and is also triggered at a specific time) that works and I was trying to replicate that in Nodered.

Also, your MS6 seems to give different readings for Lux - mine never shows > 50 so I've had to set the low and high values based on trial and error. Is that a function of the driver or configuration? The device page shows that there is a newer version (2.0.1 - I have 2.0.0) but Hubitat Package Manager doesn't show an update.

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Nice. Looks really clean. My 1st attempt was a Frankenstein monster but it still works. I've done 4 so far. I gotta say though, that black cord is killing me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh it's a mess on the inside. The buck converter just barely fit - you can also get cables with the converter built into the USB type "A" end which makes things a little easier.

Also for my others I go out the bottom rather than the back.

Yep that was my issue too and @dJOS helped me out!


Well - after switching to the HE driver, I'm now seeing Illuminance events! I'm on a C-5, still on waiting patiently for things to settle down in 2.2.4 (particularly the ZooZ thing as I have 2 of their ZEN25s)


Just pair the Zooz with no security (uncheck all the boxes) and you should be good. I have a bunch of different Zen23/24s from V2 thru V4 some with updated firmware some not and they are working for the most part. You might consider leaving any Zigbee devices on your C-5 because, why not? - thats what I am doing.

Note: on my C-7 I have the Zigbee radio disabled, on my C-5 I have the Z-Wave radio disabled, and on my C-4 I have BOTH radios disabled. Using the C-4 for Alexa and other various network cloud things.

Edit: I am only doing this because I have these devices lying around and am interested in reducing system overhead if possible - also one of the reasons for using Node-RED for example.

I'd forgotten that I was using a "request" node with the command "/devices/deviceID" to get the current state of the MS6 on demand in another flow. The strange thing is that it works perfectly on my "live" instance, but not on my "test" instance. I'm on v1.5.2 of node-red-contrib-hubitat on both ("test" is on a Mac, "live" is on RPi4). Node-red v is 1.2.6 on Mac, 1.1.2 on the RPi4)

I spoke too soon. Events were showing for some time but now it's not working any more (nothing showing in debug since about 11:45 AM central).

I only have the C-5. I haven't gotten a clear answer if there is a C-5 issue with the ZooZ devices or it's only with the C-7)

That was my thinking too - I don't have a ton of devices but I use Homebridge to expose all my devices to Apple Home for remote access. And also because it's fun to tinker to with Node-red :grinning:

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Ah I thought you were migrating to a C-7.. Staying with the C-5 is a good strategy too because eventually / hopefully the migration tool will allow you to move things over directly.

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The request node / that request still only gets the cached value in the hub. It doesn't poll the device. So that really should not yield any different results than using the node-red device node.

Also, did you make sure that device has been added to that instance of maker API? If you do a request on a device not in maker API you won't get results.

The cached values are fine - I just want to call this once in the morning (sunRise+120) to get the value and turn on the lights if the lux reading is below the threshold. I found that if there was no change in the illuminance, the lights would not turn on until a change triggered the event which could be much later in the day depending on cloud cover.

Yep - it's there. I can see MS6 readings in the debug pane if I restart Nodered, but then it stops after a while. I've checked the Mac settings to confirm that there is no firewall issue, so a bit baffled as to why it works on the RPi and not on the Mac. I can still control lights (tigger them to turn on/off) from the test instance of Nodered.

OK, but the cached value you get from the request node SHOULD be the exact same value as the cached value in a device node (if the node-red integration is working right). I mean it is fine to do it via request node if you want, but seems to be added complexity for no reason.

But in any case, if request node if working for you - proceed. One extra hit on the hub Maker API interface isn't going to kill anything. :slight_smile:

When you restart Node-Red it gets its initial values via a call to the hub (not via POST events). That is different than getting updates as events happen from the hub. Getting initial values does NOT mean your node-red integration is receiving and processing POST events - completely separate/different mechanisms.

It sounds like your POST events aren't working at all...

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What does your HE Hub config look like in NR?

What does your Maker API config in HE look like?


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