Are there motion sensors with batteries and that plug into the wall?

So they sell motion sensors that are battery powered and plug in?

Inovelli sells a motion sensor that also can be powered by USB.

Aeon/Aeotec MultiSensor 6

But there's a DIY method of using a USB cable and a Buck Converter to replace the batteries in a lot of devices.

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No experience with it, but heard good things:

I’ve had good luck with Zooz ZSE18, which I powered from the USB connector. It attracted devices for repeating like flies, worked fine, fast (for Z-Wave). I never used the battery.

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Even though most sensors are only 3 volt battery A lot of cheap (such as iris) sensors can be modified with just the 5 volts from a old usb cable without the buck converter.
The older SmartThings motion sensor worked fine, the newer model requires the buck converter down to 3 volts.

I think OP may need to clear this requirement. The "and" may imply the sensor needs to run both with battery and DC power at the same time. The requirement may not be an "or". This requirement is important when dealing with power outage.

I apologize if I made a wrong assumption on OP needs. But, the difference can be important especially when used for security system.

I don't have the devices mentioned here. But, I believe some of them can be powered either by DC or Battery (not both at the same time).


The Zooz ZSE18 can do both (I’ve got one), with a caveat.

Note: You can use the ZSE18 sensor powered by both battery and USB at the same time but if you include the sensor as a USB / always-on device, the battery will drain very quickly if the sensor loses power.

ZSE18 USB and battery power support article

Ya that's actually pretty good, I mean honestly it's really just for if the power dies. I was hoping that they had something rechargable. Like a little pouch battery like the ring repeater got. Or something that charges a rechargable cylinder battery? Like whatever battery it uses, just get a rechargable version?

And ya I am accounting for a security system, that was a correct assumption, thank you.

The ones that are usb powered can be hooked up to any ups that supports usb

Ya I had all my motion sensors with battery eliminator plugged into a ups but it's just more stuff than necessary.

Or devices like this that convert the motion sensor of your choice to AC/USB power.

I have a few for CR2s

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I find this works great!

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