Discussion about the C7

I'm on 156 now.

Then I would update...there were fixes in each build that can help issues.

Take a backup first, of course.

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Well that’s interesting, my mesh must have needed to sort itself out as yesterday and today my dimmer remotes have been working perfectly.


My ghost routes are sloowwwwllly going away. Now down to 2 ghost routes and 4 devices routing through them - have been on .158 the whole time.

Did have an odd issue with a powered MS6 on the edge of my network not responding to illuminance but then doing so when I looked at it on the devices page (quantum connection ftw!). I'm not sure it's firmware or HE related though.

edit: one thing I am noticing is the system takes a long time to settle sometimes and (shocking reveal) I am really impatient. This no doubt has caused some issues.

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Trying to use the Z-wave Device firmware Updater App on the C-7 and keep getting error?

I had to switch back to the HE driver for all of mine as the Advanced driver stopped working entirely on 158.

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Okay thanks for the heads up. Maybe thats my issue!

No worries, I was stumped, I changed batteries, ran repairs, etc and despite the MS6 showing the motion detected light, HE wasn't reflecting it.

Luckily moving to the stock driver doesn't overwrite your config parameters.

So after a week of behaving itself, I just had to re-pair one of my Hue Dimmer remotes as it just would not reconnect to the Zigbee mesh and work normally.

After re-pairing it is once again working.

Im using ch26 for my Zigbee mesh, I'm wondering if i'd get a better result on ch25?

I’m on channel 25 and have read that a lot of people that were previously having issues have switched to it.

Channel 26 apparently operates at half power, so yes, switch to 25 and try it out.

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Cheers, I’ve switched to ch25 for Hubitat and my hue hub to ch11.

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Really the best way to decide what channel to use is to download a wifi analyzer. After you know what wifi bands you and your neighbors are using make your decision. Also most routers have channel selection options but are usually set to auto. Be sure to set yours to a fixed channel. You can't really do much about the neighbors unless you are friendly with them and offer to help them out by fixing their wifi and set a fixed channel, but you can at least be aware of what they are using. Hopefully the signal noise is relatively low.

This is a popular image used to depict where the wifi and zigbee channels overlap.

Zigbee channel 11 is square in the firing line of Wi-Fi Channel 1 btw. Channel 15 or Channel 20 would be better options. At least you would get a better signal to noise ratio.


Agreed, however, Hue chooses its own channel, you have very little control over it - it's basically Channel roulette.

Once I moved Hubitat over to ch25 and let it settle, I spun the Channel roulette wheel again and it picked ch20.

Probably doing channel probing looking for the quietest channel at the time. If you get 11 again I'd spin the wheel.

As mentioned, 2nd time around I got 20.

Yep, I saw just pointing out the obvious.

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Hue can be forced to select a different channel in the settings area of the Hue app. Only options available are in increments of 5, however (I think 10, 15, 20, and 25 were the options I was given, although ch 10 might not have been there... it's been a while).

Edit: the options are 11, 15, 20, and 25

Yes it can, however it chooses the channel out of those options.

So you're saying it might swap channels on me spontaneously? I went in and changed it from channel 25 to channel 20 when I installed my Hue, just because I didn't like having it sit right next to my HE (uses ch 24). Looking at it just now the Hue is still on ch 20. Should I be worried it will up and change on me?

I have no idea about channels, but I plugged in a Hue Bridge and immediately my z-wave automations started missing. Like the lights are turning on. Remove the Hue, and things are fine.

The only reason I plugged it in was to get a firmware update on a Hue motion sensor.

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