[No longer maintained] Rheem EcoNet Integration

Rheem completely redesigned their system. It used to be a REST API and now it is MQTT. The app and driver were completely rewritten to support this new interface.

A few notes:

  • Rheem removed the ability to tell the current water temperature and ambient temperature, unless they add it back to the API there is nothing I can do
  • I need a little help testing gas heaters and electric-only (non-hybrid) heaters
  • A note about MQTT. Hubitat does NOT currently support MQTTS (SSL). As a result, the MQTT connection to Rheem is unencrypted your username/password IS ALWAYS encrypted, however, the token used to make calls after you login is NOT encrypted. Please keep this in mind. Until Hubitat adds MQTTS support (I don't think this is very high on their list, to my knowledge this is the first internet MQTT integration for HE, all others are LAN only) there is nothing I can do.

Just wanted to say thanks for this updated code.. I was not able to use Heat-Pump Only mode before but now it works! Now the only thing not working is "Electric" mode which isn't a big deal but would be nice to have if possible.

I can add custom commands for the electric mode, would that meet your needs?

If it's not to much trouble that would be awesome.. I live in AZ and our water heater is in the garage so I'd like to setup a rule to trigger "Electric" mode when it's below a certain temperature in the garage. Most of the year we can use "Heat Pump Only" mode but during what we call winter it struggles to heat up the water.

Makes sense. I’ll add it either this evening or tomorrow

Version 1.2.0 is available which has a setWaterHeaterMode command that will let you do what you were looking for.

Thank you for your work on this, it's nice to have a non-nest alternative.

I was reviewing my logs and noticed the following error. I haven't started setting up any automations at this time.

Interesting, what kind of heater do you have? It's failing to grab the upperTemp. Could you go into the app and add the highlighted line and show me the output? I'd like to see what data their API is returning for your heater:

I don't know the specific model off hand, but it's a gas unit with the addon connect module.

Here's the output with the debug line added as requested :slight_smile:

Ok I can make this work. For whatever reason, that device doesn't report the CURRENT water temperature, just the setpoint. So I'll code around that.

I just pushed out a new version of the app, let me know how it goes.

I have been using this for a couple weeks now with my HPWH, and it works great. It seemed to fix the issue in the previous driver where I had to edit things to recognize "electric" vs "electric only" and so on.

I just wish we could somehow make the dashboard buttons (Thermostat tile) reflect the actual names of the modes. I can never remember which button does which, so it is like Russian Roulette to get the correct mode!
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I assume this is something that Hubitat would need to fix on the backend?

Yeah unfortunately there are only the built-in types supported. HE would need to add support for custom thermostat modes.

Progress, but sadly still a (new) error message at the moment. Ignore the warn error from the nest integration.

Ah. I missed that it doesn’t provide ambient temp either. I’m not near a pc right now but I can fix this tomorrow

I implemented a hotfix by modifying the lines accordingly:

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Yup that's exactly what's needed, I just added it.

I'm getting the following when I try to change any settings on the water heater. Could this simpy mean that Rheem's service is down?

API Put Error: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Service Unavailable

Yes, I'd recommend trying their phone app when you get that and see if it works. Not sure what time you got it but I received the same error around 3:30AM EST today.

Darn, based on a Google search, sounds like Rheem pulled the API.