Smart App web API login fails?

Hi Guys-

I’m trying to copy over a smart app which connects to the Rheem EcoNet service for their Hot Water heaters and Thermostats.

It seems like the login maybe succeeding, or not. It seems to succeed on the 2nd try, but the drop down in the next screen, is empty so maybe not.

It looks like the code is logging someplace, but I don’t know where to look for it. Nothing on the Logs page. Any hints? The same code works on SmartThings.

OK well it looks like I’m getting a token, so I believe the login is succeeding. I think the problem may be with the drop down list here:

	def hvacList = getHvacList()
	if (hvacList) {
		return dynamicPage(name: "prefListDevice",  title: "Devices", install:true, uninstall:true) {
			section("Select which thermostat to use"){
				input(name: "thermostat", type: "enum", required:false, multiple:true, metadata:[values:hvacList])

I get to the page with the drop down here, but the list is just some weird little empty thing. It seems to exist, but I can’t select from it. Again, logging anywhere? Thx.

I may have a similar issue regarding my Netatmo app and Neato Robotics Vacuum App. The app ports over just fine, but when I load the app and expect to see the Netatmo login screen I do not see it, but rather a 404 page.

For anyone who stumbles across this post while searching for “Rheem Hot Water Heater” as I did, the Custom App/Driver is here: