New Wyze Door contacts and Motion Sensors


In their first AMA they say next month. Works perfect for me, as I’ll have my GH Hub in hand by then.

I plan to do what you’re asking about with Google Assistant Relay. Such a fantastic tool to have available. I really hope Google doesn’t ever shut down that capability. But Google being Google...:roll_eyes:


I don’t think they will ever get the motion right on this camera. Like Ryan said, they’ve got no resources left after adding RTSP. We’re not losing anything after RTSP support, but we’re not going to gain anymore with this camera.

I’m solving the motion sensor problem by just adding a motion sensor next to the camera. Still haven’t had time to install it, but I hacked the Xiaomi, and in testing it’s worked fantastic. Gives me exactly the response and re-arming time I need. Should be much better than trying to use the cameras built-in capability for motion.


I was in after all :stuck_out_tongue:


But how?? Maybe I'm in too, I just noticed I had an update, but I don't know how to integrate wyze and GH


You can't yet. You had to be part of the group that was added through this survey you had to fill out. Other than that you have to wait for the full launch.


I filled the survey, anyway, I don't see wyze in GH when trying to add it as a device like I see for nest or HE.


From the wyze forum:

But unless you filled out the survey before they closed it a couple weeks ago, I don't know how you got to it.


There were some people that filled apparently the form wrong. Instead of providing the google assistante email address they provided the wyze registered address.

Also before you have the device available to add you need to follow the instructions they have on the post.


RTSP is real close

Google Home Hub/Chromecast support is imminent, but they will be releasing without sound because of an issue where the stream dies if sound is included. Neither Wyze nor Google can figure it out at the moment, so they decided to ask the Wyze community and the overall response was "we don't care, ship it!"


Yeah, I'd have to agree with that one.


Been playing with the beta RTSP for the last 2 days and it's pretty good for a $20 cam. It's super easy to put it in blue iris as well.


Mine is kind of jumpy. Don't know if that's due to the cam of what I am watching it with. But it's better than nothing.


Is this the beta RTSP that’s jumpy, or Tiny Cam Pro?


Well, I've tried it from TinyCam Pro and from MotionEye. Both a re a little jumpy.


It's definitely the beta due to low frame rate. It's running at 10fps and there's no setting for higher yet.


Received my Wyze Sense starter kit today. Sensors are really small!


I’m really interested to hear if you’ll be able to get them to operate LOCALLY with HE because despite me being in AUS, my 4 Wyze cameras work great.


I try to pair them with Hubitat and they didn't even recognized them. I try with motion and contact sensor and no luck. I was hoping they would work also. Maybe someone smarter than me can get it to work. I really like how small they are and they work great with the camera.


@leeonestop the radios and protocol the Wyze sensor use are different than the ones in Hubitat. They will never pair directly.


@zarthan Thanks I understood that much but you never what some community members can do?