New Wyze Door contacts and Motion Sensors


So...depending on how up to date Wyze is keeping their Alexa Skill... It might be possible to have the Wyze Contact and Motion sensors trigger an Alexa Routine, which in turn could modify a virtual device in Hubitat. Some just needs to see if Wyze has exposed these new Contact and Motion sensors to Alexa via the Wyze Skill.

I do this same exact thing for my Ring Doorbell. I use a Virtual Motion/Switch combination driver which allows the Alexa Routine to 'turn on' my virtual motion sensor. That same driver also automatically 'turns off' my virtual motion sensor after a few seconds, to make sure Alexa can turn it back on again later.


From this link.


That at least sounds promising...

Thanks for the update!


I just got my Wyze Contact Sensor working in Hubitat with IFTT and it does a good job. I create a Vitual Switch and create a trigger in IFTT and got it to work. It does a good job.


Can I ask, what sort of latency are you experiencing??


@njanda I have not testing it and I would say three or four second? I started to count and got to three. I'm just testing it with a office light turning off/on.


Ok, thx. That’s not too bad


I just ran across this. It will be a multi-part article but if you are interested in hacking things, this might be worth following. Reverse Engineering WyzeSense bridge protocol


Thank you for posting this! I knew someone with the right skills would eventually crack this nut. Seems like it wouldn't be too terribly hard for someone to create a RPi Wyze Sense integration with a webSockets interface that Hubitat could monitor. The Hubitat side would be relatively simple. It's the RPi side where the real skill is needed. :thinking:


The github code is certainly a good start. I don't have any of the sensors but it might be worth getting a kit just to see. Well worth giving this project a watch.


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I found a trick allowing you to get a remote telnet console without physically soldering the wire. So far I verified it works with v2 camera running firmware Following these steps:

  1. Prepare an SD card and fill it to its 70% capacity with garbage data
  2. Create a directory “/record/;telnetd” at the root of the SD card
  3. Insert the card into the wyze camera, wait for a couple minutes
  4. You should be able to telnet into your camera.
  5. Once logged in, run “echo 1>/configs/.Server_config”. This will persist the telnetd even when the camera reboots.