New Wyze Door contacts and Motion Sensors

Does anyone have any details on these? I assume they are wifi? Or do they connect directly to a wyze cam through another protocol? There a Pre-order right now but not sure if its just a Beta group or anyone.

@jasonbalsor According to the video, these are not WiFi but connect to a USB hub that you plug into the back of the Camera. I would guess something like 433Mhz. At this point they are pre-order. At $20 for the hub, 2 contact sensors and a motion sensor it isn't a bad deal, but . . .

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Cool thanks, didnt realize there was a hub. wishful thinking that maybe they were zigbee

Pre-order is for current Wyze customers as far as I can tell. Cost is $19.99, plus $3.99 shipping (direct from Wyze for pre-order, to US customers only I believe)

Introductory YouTube Video:

Last week they did a Reddit AMA with Q&A on the Wzye Sense products.

I can only find detailed information via my Wyze mobile app, so here are screenshots:


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Here are all screenshots of all the text details:

They could be zigbee but I very much doubt it. 433 MHz is very common for inexpensive wireless devices but I have no clue until someone gets them and has a look. If they are 433 MHz, it would be possible to connect them through an Arduino/NodeMCU gateway and then to HE.

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Not Zigbee. From the Reddit AMA Q&A:

1. What wireless protocol are these devices using? Z-Wave, Zigbee, 433, Bluetooth, WiFi? What is the range of the sensors from the Sense and what is the mesh capability like? If both sensors are strictly battery powered that would greatly reduce the range and limit the mesh capability to expand the range.

We are using our own protocol. This is for two main reasons: 1) We want to make setup as easy as possible for existing Wyze Cam customers. 2) we want all customers to be able to use this product


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In the video, they mention a bulb will be coming sometime in the future (pricing will probably be something like $20 if the trend continues). For a lot of people, this will be a somewhat complete system.

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I have a few of their cameras and no problems, google home integration coming soon as well as RTSP

I think you will need to decide between Wyze device features and RTSP.

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Yea Ive been following that. I'm happy right now using tinycampro as a server but it would be nice to be able to connect to my NAS

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They operate on 915 MHz. This band is used in the Amateur Radio Service and the Location and Monitoring Service (LMS) and it is part of (and could be referring to the entire range of) the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) bands of 902–928 MHz. Also it is a microwave frequency, meaning it can cause dielectric heating of organic matter, if the power is strong enough.

However, 915 MHz, like Z-Wave, has a great advantage in its fantastic signal range even with a relatively small antenna at a lower power, which explains how they can get away with such a small bridge module and sensors themselves.


I think it is far too easy to get distracted from your goal although you first have to define the goal. Cheap sensors are great but if they don't fit in with what you have put together, they become expensive. I have a couple of Wyze cameras, but I use them outdoors to capture hummingbird visits. Beyond that they just don't fit. I have RTSP/OVNIF cameras that work great and tie into one of my NAS devices and my HE dashboards for viewing.

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That's just slightly above Z-Wave (in North America).

Actually, it's right smack in the middle of NA Z-Wave. From Silicon Labs:

USA FCC CFR47 Part 15.249 908.4 MHz, 916 MHz 120 V 60 Hz


It will be interesting to see if someone comes up with a way to capture the output with some other method than the Wyze hub.

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Yes, and after some more reading I realize that what they are using for these new sensors could even be a proprietary version of low-frequency ZigBee - although with slower data transmission than 2.4 GHz ZigBee (down from 250 kbps to 40 kbps).

But who knows, since they didn't answer that question with any details.

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Wyze Employee

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Hi there. We choose to do so simply because it is the optimal solution for this product.
Our protocol is also based on IEEE 802.15.4, just like ZigBee, but with optimized implementations for our approach.


Winner winner chicken dinner! :rofl:

Didn't catch that sifting through it all. Now we know!

So does that mean we could possibly use them with Hubitat? Kind of like we can use Hue stuff?

I am not enthused by what I have read. I think the sensors will connect directly to the camera, probably using a Zigbee-like connection. The camera will connect to the "cloud" for pretty much everything. It looks like a real entry-level thing for people who have never played with sensors and cameras . . .

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