New Wyze Door contacts and Motion Sensors


yes for sure as a system I wouldnt be interested but if the hardware was any good and we could intercept and pair to them the price point cant be beat.


Been waiting since day one for RTSP. Bummer they released this kit first. Their cameras rock! Well except the cloud which I don't like.


And, moving on...


How does using their own protocol support the goal of “all customers” using these sensors?

Sounds more like they want to lock wyze cam users into the ecosystem they’re rolling out.


I believe you have nailed it.


I have 8 cameras and have been waiting for RTSP for over a year. I gave up and bought a POE camera set with NVR. There is a hack to get RTSP but you lose the cloud & wyze app


They're on a path to a security system. Fear sells.


The company said in a recent video that they don't consider themselves a camera company. They want to be a security solutions company. So, this fits with that model.

RTSP is supposed to be coming soon. The problem is, you're going to have to give up other functionality for it. There just isn't enough room left in the firmware to put all the processing of the RTSP steam. The same video had an interview with one of the developers working on it and they have literally had to use every byte they could free up to get RTSP to work.


I am only now seeing this.....


Just tested their Google Home integration and is really nice.

Finally I can say hey Google show me the front door cam on TV.
Thinking of, if I can send a Google home command through HE RM that if someone buzzes the bell it automatically shows me the cam.... Anyone tried similar stuff?!

Regarding the sensors, I'm inclined to think they are using thread as the protocol with the sensors only connecting to the camera hub network.

We will need to wait and see.


How did you get this set up with Google Home? I am not seeing Wyze on the list.


There is currently a closed beta.

It should be out to everyone soon. But dont get a itch just yet... :rofl::joy:

@Ryan780 By the way do you know a way to send custom commands through the native chromecast beta integration?


No, I don't believe you can. It is only able to use for TTS because it only uses the cast feature. So, it is sending the URL of the media to be played to the Google Home device. In order to send custom commands you have to either emulate the input of the keyboard (like on a phone) or the voice input. Either method requires a device that operates using the Google Assistant SDK. Native Google Home devices don't support that.



Looks like I missed the "survey" that allowed Google Home Hub access directly to Wyze. That's okay, i'm doing the same thing right now with all my cams through Tiny Cam Pro. So, i have it, just a different way. Also, Tiny Cam Pro is supported (in dev mode) by Android Auto. So I can see my cams in my car! Still trying to figure out if i can use that to bypass the no video while driving restriction. :wink:


Hrm, I jumped the gun because it was cheap and I was curious. But now... maybe I shouldn't have so quick, lol. I really like the cameras though, especially for the price. A little weary still since they seem so cheap.
Can't adjust the new standalone motion sensor sensitivity either, though, shouldn't be surprised.


Yes you can. Look at the settings menu for the cam within the app. There is a sensitivity adjustment.


sorry, I had meant the new standalone sensor, not the camera motion sensitivity.


Oh, that doesn't surprise me. Most of the cheaper ones dont.


I thought you were not invited, per other post from you in Wyze forum