New to Hubitat, Read This

Ok, maybe that's a little passive aggressive.... But at least read on a little more... The crux of this topic is a plea to post any issues you may be experiencing in a constructive and inquisitive tone, rather than all-out attack on the product. "Is there a problem here or have I missed something?"

To bypass this rant, to find more useful information.... If you are in that frame of mind,.... See post 2.

I've likely lost my target audience, if they were here at all, so will treat this as therapy... :wink:

My main reason for posting is that I have seen what, statistically speaking, is probably a small number of new users posting about their negative introduction to HE, but phrasing it in a very negative and sometimes quite derogatory tone. I certainly understand the frustrations people can feel with IT systems that do not perform the way they expect or are used to. That said, when requesting assistance, it is not always useful to colour your request for support with emotion. Those responsible for assisting you are likely emotionally invested in the platform, having either developed it or promoted it to others, so may feel put off by heavily derogatory language laced in a request for assistance, which in the end may be a simple misunderstanding or lack of understanding. If I can offer a suggestion to those who have arrived at this post in this frame of mind.... Take some time to process the technical nature of what you are experiencing, think through (in detail) how you would like that to be different, write that down, then post your thoughts tomorrow.

I am not suggesting "the regulars" behave like this, so I am likely preaching to the converted... If nothing else we should at least encourage new (and some existing) users to adopt this less emotive tone, but also try to do the same when responding. I am as eager as anyone to call this behaviour out when I see it, but the manner in which we do can also be important. Let's not degrade those who may overstep the mark, let's instead coax them towards the light-side, as much as we may want to deride their negative tone.

I'll step down from my soap-box now and leave myself open to being held accountable to my lofty standards I have set, which I expect to break sometime soon....

On a more positive note, I'll try and post some more useful links soon, like compatible devices links, HPM, Hun Info, and other useful topics....


Before You Start

General HE documentation:
Hubitat supported device drivers:

Community support devices / apps:

Hubitat 101

Hubitat Package Manager
The popular method used by Community developers to distribute their drivers and apps

Hub Information Driver
A popular Community driver to easily access metrics and general detail about your HE hubs, including CPU, memory, database size, uptime, zigbee and zwave detail. Popular when troubleshooting increased load from drivers or apps. Often exported and charted in solutions including InfluxDB and Grafana.

General Information and Advice

In then end, all I can offer is a link here, which covers.... everything....


I think, maybe, the key is not to get too 'heavily invested', so that there are always old-fashioned manual ways to control things. Then you won't get as emotional when there's a Hubitat outage.

I'm thinking along the lines of saving wiring cost in a new house by eliminating hardwired switches, hvac control, fish tank environment, security, and maybe anything else that you really have to rely on when you're not at home.


Thet;s largely the point,.. Just because things were easy or "familair" under an old platform doesn't mean things will / have to be automatically the same in HE....


Outage? Who has outages? Not Hubitat users. Oh wait, some folks do use "old-fashioned cloud-based" devices :slight_smile: What seems to have the most positive impact for many users, are the following 3 rule of thumbs:


We reserve the right to reboot things that don't behave like we expect... And reboot them again... just because we want to....So there....Then complain about it...:slight_smile:


I may have gone against my original post... :frowning:


Heck, I'm doing a soft reset right now just because I don't like the look of the logs, again. :slight_smile:


You tell them... serves them right....


It just seemed to fit :joy:


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