New Model C-7 Hub Coming Soon

We are making announcements today:

  • The problems we’ve had with our supply chain have been resolved; a shipment of hubs will soon be headed our way. We expect to announce availabilty to place orders soon. If you want to be notified of this, send a note to

  • We are pleased to announce that the hubs coming are a new model, Model C-7. This hub’s features are the same as our previous Model C-5, except in one important regard: The C-7 features a new 700 series Z-Wave chip, upgraded from the 500 series in the C-5. The C-7 has a new Z-Wave stack in the platform software that supports a number of new Z-Wave features, including S2 security and SmartStart. The 700 chip is frequency agile, meaning that every Z-Wave region is supported with the hub's internal radio, with the region selectable in the web user interface. Beyond these changes to Z-Wave, the C-7 is identical to the C-5 in terms of CPU, memory, flash storage and Zigbee functionality, and has the same form factor. The C-7 is FCC, CE, AUS/NZ and RoHS certified.

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Expect a series of announcements from us over the coming weeks concerning pricing and availability of Hubitat Elevation Model C-7, more details on Z-Wave features, and new capabilities of the software platform. Also, stay tuned for information about a new service to be introduced that will allow the migration of a complete hub setup from one hub to another, including all paired Zigbee and Z-Wave devices.

Thank you for your continuing support of Hubitat during these difficult times.


Well darn! Now I don't feel so lucky that I was able to get a C5 when they were in stock a couple of weeks ago for a very short time.

This this this this THIS. :grin: :grin: :grin: Excellent!


How's the Z-Wave Plus Certification coming along?


Looks like I will be moving to a 3 hub setup... That migration method is going to come in VERY handy! Great news.


Exactly my thought!


Potentially good stuff!

Look forward to getting more info on hub price and availability, and the details around S2, SmartStart, and hub transfer (as the devil is always in the details... :wink: ).

Nice job!


Not that I NEED another hub, but I probably will buy one and transfer everything to the new hub. Then I can use the old one for backup and for installing things that I don't want interfering with my daily driver hub.


I would certainly migrate my zwave hub to a 700 - depending on the cost of the transfer service and time required to do it (I wouldn't be interesting in mailing it to them, get new one mailed back, for instance) - for some 'future proofing'.

As CPU, memory, and flash are unchanged there would be no point in migrating my zigbee hub over (that I can see currently based on the info in the announcement).

Oh, and I still think there should be a members only pre-order for existing hub owners before new people get all the new hubs. :slight_smile


Ditto... and will zwave actually have the replace feature this time?


any chance the new radio will have better range?

Based on 700 series specs, I anticipate it will.

There's a nice comparison of 300, 500 and 700 series here:

The relevant portion is:


As my deployment hub has been flakey, not starting up even to 8081 and now totally died this has come at a great time for me for once,

It would be very cool if I could take the z-wave/zigbee stick from my C4 hub and transfer all the devices into a new C7 hub with its internal radios.

Either way, I’m probably going to try to order one too, even though I have two functioning hubs!

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Psssttttt .......

looks sideways quickly and whispers

Put me down for one but don’t let my wife know about it since we already have a Hubitat hub and I am going to pull a switchadoo like she’ll never know!!!


This sounds great. I have two questions.

When you move everything over from one hub to another with that “new service” would this include (i know it is a dirty word for some) webcore, applications and settings/authentication, along with custom drivers too!?!?

Other questions would be: Would there be a discount for existing C-5 users/customers?

I have for the most part transferred all my stuff over from ST and overall, it has been great. Somethings work differently once, you figure that out, it’s not bad. Bought ST 2 year+ ago, bought C-5 maybe 6 months ago and I would really like the S2 compatibility; so now, x cost. I’m sure you understand. Thanks.

I would be completely shocked if any company did this let alone a small one like Hubitat. Wishful thinking though!

Probably way too early to tell. That announcement doesn't necessarily say that the new transfer is imminent, nor does it say it will happen simultaneously with the arrival/shipping of the new hubs. It would be nice if it was "soon", (whatever "soon" means nowadays) but I suppose time will tell.

oooooh! can't wait! need to pair my inovelli switches with something! save me one everyone!


I do wish they had upgraded the processor too...excited to see what software changes come with it....