New Kasa Integration Trace log entries (Can we get these turned off)

SInce I upgraded to the new Kasa Integration I am seeing a bunch of trace log entries for each device I have using energy monitoring.

Can these get turned off? I just wish they would only be seen with debug logging turned on.

dev:5932022-11-16 09:01:47.298 AMtrace{"emeter":{"get_realtime":{"current_ma":0,"voltage_mv":123186,"power_mw":0,"total_wh":47,"err_code":0}}}
dev:5932022-11-16 09:01:47.141 AMtrace{"system":{"get_sysinfo":{"sw_ver":"1.0.18 Build 210910

Hopefully next version (currently in Beta) will update.

Dang! Not seeing this as fixed in new v. release message. After a couple of days of others reporting no issues with new release, I will update and see if it's still there.

After the Holiday, I will discuss with Hubitat.

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