Nest is shutting down the Works with Nest API

Same here. The list you linked to is missing the Nest-owned product I got burned on - the Revolv hub.

I am sure there are more graveyard products. I looked a while back for some other reason, and there were others besides Revolv missing too. I am too lazy to create a Wikipedia account to update that list.


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Follow up to my original post. You may commence getting hot under the collar. Google has no viable plan for functionality that Nest Protect owners will lose if you migrate to a Google Nest account.

Recieved an email from IFTTT yesterday, reminding me that a "solution" if you can call it that, for the shutting down of the Works with Nest program is to "Never upgrade to a Google Nest account, and never disconnect your Nest products from IFTTT.

Well this is not a solution. It's a bandage, that if accidentally removed, or if intentionally pulled off, can never be reapplied. Absolute nonsense. They don't even address what happens if you want to add a product. Are you going to be able to add additional Nest Protect devices to your existing account? Completely unanswered.

So I contacted Google Home support. They got scared when I mentioned Nest Protect and immediately referred me to Nest support. Nest then proceeded to waste an hour of my time while they gave me vague responses, googled for the answers and regurgitated irrelevant search results from the same generic documents I had already found myself on Google. This nonsense went on for quite sometime before the support person said, it won't work. You cannot activate lights in a Smoke or CO emergency from a Nest Protect using Google Assistant, even when the Nest Protect is on a Google Nest account and so are your smart bulbs.

So I spent the evening connecting everything I have that can connect to Works with Nest, before August 31. However, I did find a solution for anyone with Homebridge that will not be affected by the change at the end of August.


I installed a CT-101 and have been happy. I didn't see the need for a smart thermostat if it is controlled by a hub.

This is what I want to know. Considering I'm not done with my home re-model yet and wanted to add a few to my basement in select areas.

I've not gotten into Nest before. But I presume it's not able to be integrated into HE?

I'm specifically referring to Nest Protect Smoke Alarm.


No longer possible. Google Nest didn't release new API for Google Nest products and the old Nest API is no longer available for new authorizations.

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:roll_eyes::clap:t2: slow clap for Google. Well done! Right in time for the holiday season! So Google, is it already time to abandon, yet another product?

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If you’re an iOS/HomeKit user, and have means of HomeKit automations, there there is a way. Bit of a pain to maintain the security key every time you have to restart Homebridge, but, if you didn’t abandon your Works with Nest account for the empty promises of the Google Nest account, then I think you can use this.

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@SmartHomePrimer I’m curious what you mean by it’s a bit of a pain to maintain the security key every time you restart HomeBridge?
I’ve been running the current HomeBridge Nest ever since the new API was implemented months ago and have npm updated with the recent change. Also rebooted the machine HomeBridge runs on a few times since 31st August and I’ve not had any problems with it all coming back up.

EDIT: think I see what you mean - are you Using “access_token” in the config.json and have 2FA enables?

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Yes. This :point_up:t2: The author recommends it, and I already had 2FA setup. This is my primary Google account, so I do want to take chances with it.

I haven't tried it as I still didn't migrate my Nest Account but did you try to generate an app based password and use that? Google allows that for applications that don't support 2FA, like the Windows mail app. It generates a special password to use for login purposes.

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Google considers that less secure though. I’m being maybe too dramatic about it. It’s a minor hassle. I don’t have to restart Homebridge that often. :wink:

" Nest is putting tight restrictions on the companies that are allowed to participate in the program. In the post, Google describes those companies as “qualified partners,” but that qualification process is rigorous. Nest executives told The Verge that it would require annual privacy audits from a third-party auditing firm, an expensive and involved process for something that could be as simple as an API call."

Since Hubitat is local they shouldn't have a problem with it...hopefully??

So the real question is; is this really in the interest of customer privacy and security? Or is it a thinly veilled attempt to raise the 3rd party barrier to entry so high that it effectively ensures Google dominates the HA world with their HA ecosystem?

Anyone remember the "Don't be evil" days?


I suspect this is a decision that is win-win-win for Google. It addresses the public's growing concern with IOT security, cloisters their ecosystem, and -primarily- gives them a high-ground defense in the upcoming congressional antitrust/anti-tech investigations.

I would say a little bit of privacy/security, and a lot of locking people into Google.

LOL, that was a long time ago. They have been pretty bad forever. They change direction continuously. They create new and drop old applications on a whim. Google TV was a thing for a while, and I even purchased one. Picasa is gone now. The list goes on and on.

I use Android phones, but I try to limit my Google usage due to being burned by them so often. I also don't trust them and I have switched search engines, maps, and other things to avoid Google at all costs.