Keep Nest Protect emergency lights functional after August 31


You thought Google had a plan for your Nest Protect with the changeover from Nest accounts, to Google Nest accounts? So did I.

Unfortunately after a very long chat with both Google and Nest support people, it's evident that they don't have a plan to keep this working and their support people are seriously uninformed about the ramifications of such a change.

However, if you are using @dan.t 's fantastic Maker API version of the Homebridge app for Hubitat like I am, you will know how good the performance is. Eariler versions of the Hubitat app for Homebridge simply were too temperamental, so I had previously limited the plugins to HE only.

Now, I'm finding I can start adding plugins back to Homebridge, with no degradation in performance. With that in mind, I set out to find the best plug-in to bring Nest products into Homebridge. To my delight, I found that the homebridge-nest plugin, not only handles the task very well, but it also no longer uses the "Works with Nest" API. So come August 31, 2019, the homebridge-nest plugin will be completely unaffected by the changes google is making.

The plugin supports 2-Factor authentication from your Nest account, and even supports access tokens if you don't want to enter your Nest username and password in the config.json file. Once exposed to HomeKit, I simply used HomeKit automations to link the Nest Protects Smoke and CO emergencies to virtual switches. When the virtual switches turn on, my RM rules for each event will run actions to turn on all the lights, change capable lights to red, and give repeating instructions via Alexa announcements at full volume.

Not for everyone, but those with Nest Protects and HomeKit automation capability should find this a valuable addition. The connection from Homebridge to the Nest Protect is still cloud, but all operations to turn on lights and trigger actions based on the Nest Protect alarm states can now be fully local, unlike the previous method using Nest cloud instance -> IFTTT cloud instance -> Hubitat cloud instance, before any local actions could be executed.

Nest is shutting down the Works with Nest API

I'll be adding additional nest protects to my home renovation after Aug 31st, will this work for adding additional devices at that time?


Thankfully I only have one, was planning on buying about 4 more, but now seems a good time to switch to the zwave smoke/co detectors.


Yes. He states in his read me that he does not use the Works with Nest API anymore, and therefore the plugin is unaffected by the changes on August 31, 2019.


I would definitely prefer something other than thread over WiFi for communications, and a continued open access program, but at least there is this option With Homebridge, which has become a nice parallel platform lately.

I’ve had terrible false alarm issues with many different brands of Smoke detectors I’ve tried, always getting multiple replacement units from the manufacturer, but never getting results that weren’t riddled with jarring false alarms in the middle of the night. I have never had a problem with the Nest Protect. Not a single false alarm in 4 years. It is the features and lack of false alarms that keep me using them. But I’m happy to also not lose the capability to trigger actions based on alarms, thanks to this plug-in.


I'm having a hell of a time getting homebridge installed on my RPI at least trying to figure out what I really need... Maybe I'm just a little confused. I'm assuming I need both the nest and the hubitat-makerapi plugins to get this to work successfully or only the nest? If I need the hubitat-makerapi plugin, I've been trying to follow the instructions on that thread but I can't find the access token info in makerapi... I feel like I'm missing a piece of the puzzle somewhere. LOL


Time to go to bed... tomorrow is another day...


You only need the nest plugin to get connected to nest.
If you want to activate a switch in Hubitat based on an event of the nest protect (alexa routine), you also need the homebridge-hubitat-makerapi plugin

Open up MakerAPI in Hubitat and scroll all the way down. You'll see some example URLs, the access token is in there:


Have you created a seperate family account to get around the 2FA so the plugin starts up if it's shutdown for some reason? I tried this and it now makes you convert your nest account to a google account and I haven't done that yet. I'm thinking of just turning 2FA off to get this to work.


Turn on 2FA. For now anyway, it seems you are going to lose out on a lot when nest integration gets turned off due to an account change. Keep your nest account for sure. Google doesn't know what they're doing on this one. That is clear.

I use a throw away account for it. I only want triggers from alarms, so what else happens to that account, I do not care.

Backup automations with something like Controller for HomeKit. When your 2FA account gets disconnected I learned tonight, all the nests disappear and you will have to recreate automations, thanks to that great Apple idea to automatically delete your automations when a device goes offline temporarily. :roll_eyes: You then have to put the new 2FA code into the config.json file or it won't restart. great. :neutral_face:


Ok, I have nest plugin working... but MakerAPI is giving me fits... I feel like I'm missing a piece of the puzzle. I'll post over on @dan.t thread.


He'll be able to help you. I've been so happy with it. I run on an old MacBook Pro and it's reliable and fast. Definitely becoming a parallel work flow for me.


One other question... I still have Nest Integration within Hubitat enabled. With homebridge nest and maker api I can remove that? How can I see the Nest Protects I have in Hubitat then to use them for rules?


Or do I only see the Protects in homekit and use a virtual switches for different conditions like smoke or co2 to pass to hubitat that work with devices based on rules I configure against those virtual switches?


Yes :point_up:

Apple TV controls the automations in the background. It runs in the lowish power sleep mode. I don't know what the number is offhand, but consumption is higher for Apple TV 4 and up in sleep than previous Apple TV 2 and 3 models.

Do you use the nest integration for thermostats? Hey I wonder if this gives you nest cams or their alarm system in HomeKit? Wouldn't that be convenient. :thinking:
I don't have any of those though. So no idea if you are going to lose some compatibility. You will not be able to see anything in Hubitat. It must be linked by virtual switches. But you can translate most things with RM4.

When nest bedroom, for example, detects smoke, turn on the switch labelled hubitat smoke bedroom. HE sees the switch turned on and you automate based on that trigger in RM 4.


I only have Nest Protects. I use Ecobee 4 for my Thermostat. I use Foscam cameras that I still have on ST with the RBoy app for Foscam cameras. The only thing I do with them is use presence to arm the cameras for motion detection and image capture when I'm away from home.


I have two AppleTV 4Ks... so it'll be ok for them to sleep and not have to be "on" all the time?


Almost the same, but I use Wyze. Presence is a Xioami motion sensor instead of the camera. Back camera needs a motion sensor too, but it's exposed. I may go with Hue for that.




The awesome thing is I got Homebridge working off Containerstation on my QNAP NAS... no PI needed... now I can remove Nest from Hubitat and configure the rules... I was worried what was going to happen after Aug 31st. Thanks @SmartHomePrimer for this!!!