Keep Nest Protect emergency lights functional after August 31


Homebridge just opened me up to a whole new home world... LOL like I don't have enough to do :slight_smile:


Thanks to the developers adrian.cable and chrisjshull. They pulled me out of a bind until nest get it together, or maybe they never will :no_mouth:


Turning Nest off of Hubitat just about made me cry lol


I'm also running an Aqara HomeKit hub and it's reliable. Xiaomi devices pair very well, stay put and react very quickly and so far reliably. I've only have contact sensors and a few buttons on it. Other than that, it is a doorbell, supplemental alarm, a light for alarm states (turn red, along with other capable lights in any alarm situation), and a night light. It's cute. A fancy accessory, but inexpensive. I'm just not sure how to extend its Zigbee network other than with Xiaomi light switches, or maybe lightbulbs. I don't know what they use to extend their Zigbee networks on their hubs. I seem to vaguely recall someone writing that they could pair a Trรฅdfri outlet with it. I suppose google is in order. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not missing it. It was depreciated anyway. If it breaks, they can't fix it.


I can say I have no Xiaomi devices... I've been using Iris contact and motion sensors plus Aeotec multisensors for humidity and secondary motion sensor after Iris detects the initial movement. I'm going room by room as I renovate my house. I'm just trying to figure out what to automate... I don't use the dashboards at all in Hubitat... most of what I do is about automating through rules. I only use the dashboard to check battery levels on devices from time to time.


Centralite are quality product. Automate everything you want. When I think I might like that thing automated, that's my call to action. If renovating, well...

  • Lighting obviously, but with fade control is sweet. I don't personally have that, but it's something I would change. Most of the LED are just too prone to sudden drop off. It's going to get better for my children, but it seems they just can't get it as smooth as halogen was.

  • Shades. Depends on budget, but IKEA are close to release in North America.

  • Sensors! Put them in and use them when you think of what to do. There are always going to be uses.

  • Ethernet everywhere!

  • And outlets!!! Many.


Every room I am doing gets Lutron Caseta so no real fade control. They have their own fade down to off but you can't adjust that. I also can't change the color temps or bulb colors. I've though about getting a few hue color changing bulbs just to play around but aside from sexy time with the wife I can't justify their cost... LOL. My house is roughly 1300sq ft not including the same size basement. I don't have any issues with zwave and zigbee signals from one end of the house to the other although I did place a few repeaters around just to shore up my mesh...

I wanted to use the Lutron Caseta Shade motors with my Bali blinds I've been adding on each room but just couldn't justify the additional $500+ cost per shade for them... so I passed. I just bought more Centralite sensors off fleabay for both contact and motion... I love them and yes, they work well. I tried others and just wasn't happy with them.

Luckily my basement has drop ceiling and I've been running cat5/6 cables everywhere and a few to the attic for the Aeotec sensors to connect them via POE. I probably spend about a week standing in a room visualizing everything before I start the renovation just to cover all my base with everything I want to do. So far I've only screwed up and missed two things... I missed placing an outlet in a half bath and something else I can't think of right now... but they're really minor in nature... the Kitchen is going to make my head spin though with under counter lighting and placement of cans in the ceiling for lighting... my house was built in 1973 so it never had recessed lighting... I've been adding it myself.