Nest is shutting down the Works with Nest API


Just saw this on Reddit (maybe its old news, but new to me). Don't have any Nest devices, but this will probably those that do ....


Well this is gonna be interesting.

Though... thinking about it, I don't currently use Nest in any automations. We'll lose Nest in dashboards, though. :frowning:


Google is basically saying, nothing can control Nest, except for Google Assistant. They want Google Assistant to basically be the brains for everything.

Basically, EVERY Works With Nest integration will be gone as of 8/31/2019. And they are forcing all users to migrate the Nest Accounts to Google accounts. This is starting to sound like SmartThings! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess I should start thinking about replacing my two Nest Thermostats sooner, rather than later, with something a little more open.


Yeah, what he said.

I've liked my nest but I don't like the idea of a home automation product that is closed off from innovation. Too Applish for my tastes.


But it means we can still control using the Google Assistant relay, so effectively it's not an issue right? Unless Google closes down that capability. In which case I fall back to my tried and tested approach of issuing a voice command to my Sonos Play that sits right alongside a Google Home Mini, which means I can control whatever I like completely unchecked, without any interference or integration required :smile:


Guess all my Nest Protects are going to be replaced. Thanks a lot Google.


Just read though this and not best pleased NST manager won't work any longer then and we won't be able to do anything with the products unless used through Google assistant :frowning:. I don't see a decent rule engine coming from Google any time soon. You can get in but not out.


My first reaction was pretty negative, but then I realized I don't use Nest for any automations at all. Dunno why I even have it connected to Hubitat. I've also already been moving to the Home app for device control because it works with Hubitat remotely already.

So I dunno. It's fine I guess. Not a good move for the industry, though.


So... what do people here recommend for thermostats and cameras? I have 2 thermostats and 3 drop cam HDs that I use indoors.

Cams: I like the 10 day cloud recording storage feature and am willing to pay for that.

Thermostats: I’d like something as smart as Nest that can help fine-tune when to turn on or off the AC and Boiler Heat. I have no common wires yet everything worked with the 2 older nest thermostats I have. I’d want the thermostats to detect temp obviously but also humidity.

I’d like these new devices to will work well with Hubitat. So that means Ring is likely not an option for cam replacement.

What do you all recommend? Then I can start looking for sales now...


I used to love my ecobee3. But their cloud has been so unreliable lately that I'd rather get something entirely locally controlled.


I hear you. Unfortunately I do have many automations running via NST Manager that I’ll want to replace. Fans that come on in my bathroom compared to the nest humidity. Temp setting changes on thermostats based on APIXU weather data. Just to name a few. I really like being able to control everything through a single SharpTools dashboard rather than use different apps and services for everything.

I really hope the community here chimes in with ideas on replacement thermostats and cameras.


Same here @nh.schottfam port of NST manager gave load of options to make use of the products but now it's looking like this won't be the case for much longer.


well that's lame... Time to start looking for something other than nest for thermostat and smoke/co detectors.


CT-101 here, Zen at the parents'. If you just need a dumb, controllable thermostat, they work well. Should be a few Iris branded CT-101's floating around on eBay.


Due to the complete unreliability of my Ecobee 3, I will be going to the Honeywell T60 Pro (Zwave Plus model). It can be completely, locally controlled from Hubitat.

On this same topic, Google is quietly positioning their Google Home to be THE Controller.They are now adding local control. I don't think it will be too long before they put in a Zigbee radio (to counter the Amazon Alexa threat). From there, it will only be a short hop to including a Zwave radio.
Note: A number of years ago, Google bought a Home Automation company that had the "Revolv" product. They quietly folded the product. They can always resurrect the home automation parts...


I'm still partial to the GoControl GC-TBZ48. Zwave plus, 100% local. In-box driver, and a more feature filled user driver available.


No surprise. Its the Wild West out there in this still relatively new home IoT market. Much more M&A and consolidation to come, I'm sure of that.


The TL;DR of the What's happening at Nest? webpage Q&A, here:

I’m a Works with Nest developer. Will I be able to access and control Nest devices moving forward?

No. The Actions on Google Smart Home platform does not provide open API access to Nest devices, so it cannot be used to access and control Nest devices. Instead, managing and controlling Google Home, Nest, and thousands of third-party smart home devices is done through the Google Home app and the Google Assistant.

Final nail, meet coffin.


For me the only thing that'll lose is my 'if window is open and heat is on' rule. I think I'll put a xiaomi temp sensor in a vent to know when heat/cool is running. Use some fancy rules or heck, write an app! lol. Always another way!

My protects will still protect, my thermostat will keep doing everything it did before, camera's will still function just as they always have and my hello doorbell will still tell me there is someone at the door and show me on my hubs. :grin:

On the other hand, I'm getting tighter integration between all of my Google/Nest devices with greater security. With 18 Google devices, for me this seems like a win.


Do any of you have experience with the z-wave thermostats? ADC-T2000 - Smart Thermostat - Alarm Grid

Or the Centralite 3-Series Pearl