Nest is shutting down the Works with Nest API



Unfortunately, I don't. The centralite pearl is high on my list.


I do have to say we might be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

It sounds like the current API is going down but there will be another option. There are stories going around that "Works Google Assistant" will act like an IFTTT to still connect various services together.

The biggest reason Google isn't going to completely shut down 3rd parties is Alexa is still huge. Google will have a lot of very upset customers if they lose their Alexa control. Google just started playing nice with Amazon. This could be another reason for them to cooperate.

On the other hand this could be another reason to fight and close each other out if their ecosystems.

Anyway my point is there is still plenty of time. Just wait and see what unfolds.

If they disappoint I'm going to sell my nest stuff with you guys.


I've been considering a nest hello for a couple of weeks. With this announcement nest can kiss my ass. Remember when google's official corporate mantra was "don't be evil". Yeah, those were the days.


I just want to put my Nest on Home/Away with Hubitat when needed. And know if my Nest Protect detects smoke. Maybe I can wire the speaker on Nest Protect to trigger something on Konnected to determine this? Any idea?


Was it you that was saying this one is programmable for compressor minimum off time settings? Any new one I get must have this feature.


Revolv looked promising. It will be interesting to see what they do.


The biggest loss for me will be the Nest Protect automations. If a fire alarm is triggered, it turns on the camera, turns off the AC, unlocks the front door, turns on all the lights, and makes select lights flash.

I really hope they do a 180 on this decision, there must be enough people that are disappointed by this.


I just purchased a Remotec Z-Wave thermostat, anyone wants a Nest?


Nice! I’m partial to the Vivint CT-200 since it’s such a sleek design.

We should really compile a list of all of these and their pros/cons. :slight_smile:

I’ll never have to worry about Google shutting down or changing my local thermostats :crazy_face:


I wish that were true but I just got this email from IFTTT.


I just logged a case with Nest support and they said they will flag it for review. I'd advise you do the same if you can. Could make a small difference.


I'm so glad I didn't throw any of my eggs in the Google basket.


They actually removed that mantra because it does not apply anymore......big surprise.


Has anyone looked at the Honeywell Tuxedo Zwave Thermostat?


I’ve had Nest thermostats and protects for a few years now and got the emails yesterday.

Does Google Home Hub not play nicely with HE? As in, is there no way to interact with it? Or see device that the hub has connected to it?

For me, I use fire alarm tripping to flash lights which can be done, at the moment anyways, from Lifx app. I’m sure officially integrated devices will be brought onboard the new ecosystem. Obviously for the time being SHM wouldn’t be able to use the protects.
For the thermostats I have routines setup to make them go to eco when everyone leaves or turn the house temp down when bedtime rules run.

I was looking at getting a Neat Hello in replacement to Ring Pro but might hang back for now and see how this panes out.

However on one of the emails there was this:

One developer platform. We want to unify our efforts around third-party connected home devices under a single developer platform – a one-stop shop for both our developers and our customers to build a more helpful home. To accomplish this, we’ll be winding down Works with Nest on August 31, 2019, and delivering a single unified experience through the Works with Google Assistant program.

And this one on another email:

We appreciate you being a partner of Works with Nest. We encourage you to visit the Actions on Google Smart Home developer site to learn how to integrate your devices or services with the Google Assistant.

So surely we will be able to do something to integrate again?


Here is the official word on whether or not we'll be able to control any part of the Nest ecosystem moving forward...

It actually doesn't look very promising, IMHO. Google wants to be able to control your devices, but not allow you to control anything from Google/Nest.


I'd bet decent money that this will also be paving the way for Google Home Routines.


...and this from a "Google Nest" email I received this morning:


Hmm, smart home partners? Translation: companies who have paid us integration fees?


I wish I could say this surprises me. I almost went with Nest Protects after Halo went under but didn't feel comfortable buying into the Google ecosystem. Google is not a trustworthy company, especially in the Home Automation space (see Revolv).. This is a d**k move that is nothing more than to push adpotion of Google home and hurt other platforms.


Got an email from IFTT last night and just now from Lutron saying their integrations with Nest will stop working.

This is nuts.

Anyone find a good smoke/co detector that works with HE that doesn't look like crap?