Nest is shutting down the Works with Nest API


No, the sky is not falling...


Thanks for sharing this. Looks like Google is backpedaling a little bit, which I believe is a good thing.

Here's The Verge's take on today's Google announcement.


It sounds like Partners are going to have to work with google and do a security audit to have integration. Is this something Hubitat is pursuing?


One could only hope. There is no native Nest support with Hubitat now, so my guess is that this may not be a priority.


To be fair; there was nest support until nest stopped reviewing integration applications nearly a year ago. All of this delay presumably pending the Works with Nest API shutdown announcement. HE removed the nest [app] a couple of months ago when it became clear that the review wasn't going to happen any time soon.


@SteveV and @jkudave I beg to differ about no native Nest support already for HE. There was, but for people that had a developer account already. HE pulled it from the app list when Nest wouldn’t let new developer accounts get created. Personally, I had a developer account and have the native Nest integration working in HE still. So I would guess that HE will end up looking into it on the new platform


I think we're saying the same thing:


I imagine that even if this was something Hubitat wanted to pursue it would be limited by Nest.

The reason being that Nest would prioritize other larger partners such as SimpliSafe and Amazon first.

Smaller partners are going to have a long wait in line.


Well I don't have any idea how this will all shake out. The only control I currently use with Nest is my wife tells Google it's time for bed and the living room lamp is turned off via Hubitat and the Nest thermostat is set to 60 degrees via Google Assistant. I'm guessing this will keep on working as long as Google doesn't shut out Hubitat.


That will be a piece of cake to do directly as a routine in Google Assistant anyway.