Nest Integration [Limited Release]



That is cool to know thx!


Assuming I got to NST Manager what does it expose from the protects?


The stuff your after in not possible, we would all like them to expose the PIR to their API but it's not. The only thing that is exposed is the smoke stuff, battery and if your home or away.


Boris what Nest devices do you have and what issues did you have with the HE integration that made you switch? Just curious


Nest hello, nest thermostat, 5 protects and virtual present device. I'm not sure if I had issues or not but my hub kept stalling and since I have disabled it it's been fine so it suggests it was the problem but other stuff was going on aswell. The only way for me to check would be to re enable it for a week or so but I don't want to move all my automations again right now. I mostly moved as it not being supported currently until nest sorts there stuff out, where as NST manager is.