[Needs work] Home Tracker - Track the coming and going of house members with announcements and push messages

Introducing 'Home Tracker 2'
Track the coming and going of house members with announcements and push messages. Including a 'Welcome Home' message after entering the home.


  • Can track up to 24 presence sensors at a time (including locks)!
  • Announce, Push and/or Flash Lights when someone comes home or leaves
  • Get a custom 'Welcome Home' greeting after you enter the house
  • Ability to add in a Friendly Names to speak in the message
  • Ability to use an 'Alternate' Pronunciation to the name
  • Use random phrases with wildcards
  • Set delays based on how long it takes you to get into the house
  • Choose from multiple triggers
  • Tracks each sensor across multiple child apps, to avoid duplicate messages!
  • All Speech requires 'Follow Me'
  • Flashing Lights requires 'The Flasher'
  • Parent/Child App structure
  • Create as many child apps as needed
  • and Much, Much more!

Types of 'Welcome Home' Triggers:

Unlock or Door Open/Closed
Both of these work pretty much the same. When door or lock is triggered, it will check to see which presence sensors have recently become 'present' within your set time. The system will then wait your set delay before making the announcement.

Each trigger can have multiple selections but this is an 'or' function. Meaning it only takes one device to trigger the actions. ie. Door1 or Door2 has been opened/closed. If you require a different delay per door/lock, then separate child apps would be required - one for each door or lock.

Motion Sensor
When motion sensor becomes active, it will check to see which presence sensors have recently become 'present' within your set time. The system will then wait your set delay before making the announcement. If you require a different delay per motion sensor, then separate child apps would be required - one for each motion sensor.

This trigger also works with Hubitat's built in 'Zone Motion Controllers' app. Which allows you to do some pretty cool things with motion sensors.

Apps can be found on my Github or by using Bundle Manager

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.




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set up :smile: just need to test tomorrow. No open and close for the leave on this one though? :wink:

arrive open

Welcome home %name%;How you doing %name%;What's up %name%;Long time no see %name%;Hey %name%;Nice you see you %name%;Look who's home, it's %name%;Nice to have you back %name%;Howdy do %name%;What's going on %name%;How is everything %name%;It's been ages since I have seen you %name%;Where have you been hiding %name%;How's it hanging %name%;What's cookin %name%;What's shakin %name%;Greetings and salutations %name%;aloha %name%;shalom %name%;bohnzhoor %name%;OHlah %name%;How goes it %name%;What's happening %name%;Roll out the red carpet for %name%

arrive close

%name% %is_are% gracing us with their presence;%name% %is_are% blowing in;%name% %is_are% appearing;%name% %is_are% breezing in;%name% %is_are% rolling in;%name% %is_are% popping in;%name% %is_are% in the house! Ooo oooo;%name% %is_are% here;%name% %is_are% home;%name% %is_are% in the house;%name% %is_are% joining the party;%name% %is_are% crashing the party;%name% %is_are% dropping anchor;%name% %is_are% dropping in;%name% %is_are% making the scene;%name% %is_are% barging in;%name% %is_are% showing up

leave open

Goodbye %name%;See you later %name%;Bye %name%;Live long and prosper %name%;Farewell %name%;Hope you have a great time %name%;Take care %name%;Smell you later %name%;ahTHYOHS %name%;Chow %name%;oh revwahr %name%;Sighenara %name%;Ta Ta for now %name%;Catch you later %name%;To-da-loo %name%;See you in the funny papers %name%;Toodles %name%;Godspeed %name%;So long %name%;oufveeduhrzeyuhn %name%;aloha %name%;shalom %name%;Cheerio %name%;ahrreevehDEHRtchee %name%

leave close.

%name% %has_have% left the building!;%name% %has_have% gone out;%name% %has_have% popped out;%name% %has_have% left;%name% %has_have% buggered off; %name% %has_have% departed;%name% %has_have% split;%name% %has_have% vamoosed;%name% %has_have% high tailed it;%name% %has_have% escaped;%name% %has_have% eighty-six'd it;%name% %has_have% bid farewell;%name% %has_have% flaked off;%name% %has_have% took a hike;%name% %has_have% withdrawn;%name% %has_have% exited;%name% %has_have% vanished;%name% %has_have% disappeared;%name% %has_have% evacuated;%name% %has_have% retreated;%name% %has_have% taken their leave


Agreed. App looks great. Almost there. Would use it if the departure announcement also had the openMessage and closeMessage random message parts.

New version...

V2.0.1 - 09/13/19 - Adjusted message sections

Thanks Bryan, going through the install and setup now

Noticed that when creating a new child, I have to select the Virtual driver before entering any other settings. This seems out of order, if it must be this way, then I suggest moving the VD selection to the top of the config page to avoid the error message

Also, any chance to get a check mark or ??? on each option section once it's been set? Would be nice to know what has been set and what's left/next

And lastly, when selecting random open/closing messages, not sure why we are forced to enter both. I don't care to have closing messages. Not to mention, might be better if they were called Arrival and Departure message rather than open/closing.... just my $.02

Thanks, Rick

New "Child" version :slight_smile:


And here's me hoping that Brian was taking it a little easier these days. It appears not... :smile:
Oh, well, well done.
When I get some time I'll transition from the old Apps.

I don't think it works that way? The 'opening' and 'closing' are both applicable to the Arrival and Departure messages. The opening is the first part of the message (e.g. 'Welcome home Rick.") and the closing is the second part of the message (e.g. "Rick is home.") .

@bptworld Thanks for adding the opening and closing to the departure message. I'll give it another try.

Hmmm, well I missed that completely then, and not sure I see a use case for it, but i'm sure it's just me. When I come home, my trigger is the the contact sensor going closed, then i want the message and it doesn't need to be a 2 parter. If both parts are random, I guess you could end up with some really random messages once they are put together if one isn't careful

And if this is how it works, why are we forced to have an open and a close...?


This IS the idea but you pick message that will easily work together. Keeps things interesting and funny :slight_smile:

Your not just don't tick the open and close option then it's just one message.

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I'm out watching my daughter play a double header softball but I'll put out a new version tonight. Already added more wording to the opening and closing, to make it more clear. Also added a green check mark for sections already filled out. More to come...

I think I might have screwed something up with the opening closing for departure. It sent the message to my phone but didn't include my name. Will have to check when I get home. :grin:

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The point is to use random, well b/c I can... and it's what the previous and current app is capable of doing. I don't want to be forced to use both open/close messages. This is not a feature, it's a design flaw...

Thanks Bryan, appreciate the hard work.

Hope your daughter won. I remember those days, now I get to watch my grandkids in sports and dance :slight_smile:

Definitely not a flaw, if you don't want to use either of the fields, simply put punctuation, like a period or comma in that field.

I'll add more wording to that effect. :grin:

Ahhh, I get it, an undocumented feature :slight_smile:

Another feature I found while going in and out of the house with groceries. I got a welcome announcement every time I brought a bag in. I am ok with it, but might like to see a announce arrival once per presence arrival?

Other than that, replaced about 5 rule machine rules!

That's a bug. I'll take a look, thanks

New version...

V2.0.2 - 09/14/19 - Tried to make the opening and closing sections more clear. Added green check marks to sections that are filled out. Found a couple of typos.

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I'm unable to reproduce this, which type of message was played going in and out? If you can reproduce this, please post a debug log.