[Deprecated] Welcome Home

Introducing 'Welcome Home'
This app is is no longer available.

Please try the new Home Tracker which has replaced it.

Apps can be found on my Github:


It's the little things like these that make my day. I've been planning to make an app that does just this for months but never got started. Now I don't have to...I'll definitely take this whirl sometime soon. Thanks for sharing.

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This app will be lots of fun and very useful. The only problem I can see is that Life360 presence updates can take a few minutes to update and so I'm not sure it's going to make announcements reliably.

Is there a way it could use presence arrival along with a contact sensor opened within x minutes to make the announcement?

thank you this was one of the last routines I was missing from not using webcore.
Webcore added a little more complexity but was not worth the headache of adding webcore.

Anyway to add multiple contact sensors instead of just one so if they came in any door it would fire
and motion sensors?
So if a person arrives and any contact sensor opens followed (after x seconds)
by a motion sensor (or multiple motion sensors to ensure the routine is following them through the house and fires for them) then greeting fires.

I was thinking multiple presence sensors too.
So if any of A and B becomes present.

Sorry @bptworld but as soon as you give us something, we always want more. :wink:


Let me think about how to do each request... I'm sure I can come up with something.


Home again home again! Jiggity-Jig! Good evening [precense sensor name] :slight_smile:

I've never had an issue with Life 360 updates. I'm using an Android Pixel XL (gen 1). This will work with any presence sensor device configured in Hubitat though.

That's exactly what it does now. When the door is opened or a lock is unlocked, it looks at the presence sensor to see how long it's been home. You can set the time allowed, I have mine set to within 5 minutes and then the time after door is open to 10 seconds

I use Life360 and my Tado Heating presence.
Both have to go to not present to set my modes to away.
For setting to present only one has to become present. With Tado and Life360, one of them usually makes it by the time I open the door, hence my request to have 'ANY'.

Multiple contact sensors is done, that was just changing a 'false' to a 'true' :grin:

Motion sensor will be next. I'll put up a new version once the Motion sensor part is done.


I find that sometimes life360 doesn't update the status immediately on my pixels (yes I have it excluded from battery saving). It may be that I just have my geofence too small?

As a result I could already be home and the door already opened before life360 shows that to be the case.

I'll try adjusting my geofence within life 360 to see if that helps.

Your app will make a great good morning greeting as well
example x is home and motion/switch in bedroom active (followed after x time) by motion/switch in kitchen trigger good morning message.
love the time delay between triggers and random message functions both of which are missing or hard to do with RM

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Just a thought here.
I already use Mode Manager to set my Hub status to Away, Home, Evening and Night.
Could an option be made for Mode 'changes to' as an option. This could be used instead of presence sensor changing to.

You are as bad as the Hubitat guys!
More than 1/2 of this code came directly from Message Central.

Perhaps I should split it up and release sections of it as separate apps.

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Now if you take some out of Presence Central you could use multiple presence sensors and ‘aggregate’ them to act as one

But at least I gave you full credit in the 1st post :grin:

Hello, thanks for the app, tested and google said "null"

What I did wrong?

@bptworld you can find the code for this in Presence Central

This can be done by changing ‘multiple: false’ to ‘multiple: true’ on the contact input.

You can find the code for this in ‘Modes Plus’

The is also coded into @bangali Rooms manager app from a piston we created on ST :blush:. I have some random strings that I use in it to create a truly random message each time one of us or both of us leave or depart. I'll dig it it tomorrow and post it :grin: .

I also use @Cobra presence central app to create a virtual presence device per person as we each have life 360 and a ST presence sensor to ensure it always fires. I'm waiting on the HE app to replace the ST bit though :slight_smile:

I'm still hoping someone will create a WiFi presence sensor to be present if connected to a particular WIFI, as that would always work!

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For the record, there'll have to be individual delay times per contact opened. My front door is about 6 feet away from my Google Home, whereas my garage door entrance is on a different floor entirely. :nerd_face:

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