[Deprecated] Departures and Arrivals

Introducing 'Departures and Arrivals'
This app is is no longer available.

Please try the new Home Tracker which has replaced it.

Apps can be found on my Github:

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Just tested this and it worked! I am using my Echo speakers and I am not sure how to set the volume of the speakers. They are a bit too low right now.

Are you using Echo Speaks or Alexa TTS?

Echo Speaks.

You should be able to create a custom command in RM that uses setVolumeAndSpeak(volume, message).

I'll load up ES at some point this afternoon and test it out, but it won't be for a few hours at least.

But if I create a customcommand in RM, how is that used in your Welcome Home and Departures apps?

In your screenshot you choose 'speech synth' (welchome home post). If you are using Echo speaks, you should have selected 'Music Player' and then 'Echo Speaks Device'

Already in there. Each type of speaker chosen uses a different type of speak command.

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Beautiful! You rock, sir!

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Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% left the building!;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% popped out.;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% left!;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% departed.;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% vamoosed!;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% high tailed!;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% escaped.;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% bid farewell.;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% took a hike.;Goodbye %name%, %name% %has_have% taken their leave.;See you later %name%, %name% %has_have% left the building!;See you later %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;See you later %name%, %name% %has_have% took a hike.;Live long and prosper %name%, %name% %has_have% left the building!;See you in the funny papers %name%, %name% %has_have% exited.;To-da-loo %name%, %name% %has_have% exited.;To-da-loo %name%, %name% %has_have% buggered off.;Caio %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;Sayonara %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;Adios %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;Cheerio %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;Arrivederci %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;Smell you later %name%, %name% %has_have% gone out.;Ta Ta for now %name%, %name% %has_have% bid farewell.

that's as far as i got so far, takes quite a bit of time. If someone wants to make more here are the bits to match up.

Arrive open

'Welcome home ’,'How you doing ','What's up ','Long time no see ','Hey ','Nice you see you ','Look who's home, it's ','Nice to have you back ','Howdy do ','What's going on ','How is everything ','It's been ages since I have seen you ','Where have you been hiding ','How's it hanging ','What's cookin ','What's shakin ','Greetings and salutations ','How goes it ','What's happening ','What's up ','Roll out the red carpet for '

Arrive closing

‘ in the house! Ooo oooo’,' here.',' home.',' in the house.',' joining the party.',' crashing the party.',' gracing us with their presence.',' dropping anchor.',' dropping in.',' making the scene.',' barging in.',' showing up.',' blowing in.',' appearing.',' breezing in.',' rolling in.',' popping in.'

Depart open

‘Goodbye ’,'See you later ','Bye ','Live long and prosper ','Farewell ','Hope you have a great time ','Take care ','Smell you later ','Adios ','Caio ','Au revoir ','Sayonara ','Ta Ta for now ','Catch you later ','To-da-loo ','See you in the funny papers ','Toodles ','Godspeed ','So long ','Cheerio ','Arrivederci '

Depart close

’ left the building!’,' gone out.',' popped out.',' left.',' buggered off.',' departed.',' split.',' vamoosed.',' high tailed it.',' escaped.',' eight-six'd it.',' bid farewell.',' flaked off.',' took a hike.',' withdrawn.',' exited.',' vanished.',' disappeared.',' evacuated.',' retreated.',' taken their leave.'

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will this run even in away mode? Or do i need to disable it via the switch?

Yes, it doesn't check for mode. But it won't speak if no configured presence sensors are home.

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That might be the answer to that old question. "If a tree falls in the forest and and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound". :wink:


That was going to be my next question.:wink: So if using Echo Speaks, I should select Music Player, correct?
And I don't have to setup customcommands if using your app, right? Only if I am using RM.

Try it...

even better :slight_smile:

This is sooo AWESOME!!:clap::clap::clap:

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Just a couple of things since setting this up....It is saying the departure announcement twice and then periodically my echo speakers just all of a sudden say "speak" for no reason. They didn't do this before so I am guessing it has something to do with this.

hmmm. Everything has been working fine here. (I don't use echo speakers) Seeing you reported the setVolumeSpeakAndRestore() has also stopped working ...wondering if something has changed with echo speaks. Will have to look into it.

Thanks for looking into it. The only other thing that I was thinking that it could be for the echo randomly saying "speak" is that I implemented the HE Notifications app to let me know when my batteries are low. I get pushover notifications but it is supposed to say and audible as well but I haven't heard it yet. I have only heard "speak" randomly the last 2 days. Just putting 2 and 2 together.:stuck_out_tongue:

I had my Departures child apps Paused while I tried to determine the cause of my hub lockups. I am now enabling things slowly. I enabled the Departures and Welcome Home apps but they are still showing "paused". See in the images below.