Need something that beeps when contact sensor opens/closes

That's a good idea. I'll add that to my rule and see what happens.

Dome siren might be really what you want. Echo Speaks will do the trick too.

I use Zigbee door sensors to trigger Google Assistant Relay (no Google Home device required), and that triggers a virtual motion sensor in the SmartThings cloud (no SmartThings hub required). Alexa detects the virtual motion sensor becoming active and announces the door that just opened. You will need to build Google Assistant relay, but that's a super valuable thing to have available, so worth the effort. You can use that for controlling devices that are not compatible with Hubitat or Alexa, but are compatible with Google Assistant.

I got the dome siren, but in a twist of irony, my dogs were going crazy every time it beeped. The IRIS beep was much more dog friendly I guess.

As for Echo, that sounds way too complicated for me to get up and running (at least it seems that way).


Off topic and late but had to "chime" in - having the exact same issue on my old Aeotec doorbell (just the bell part, button is long gone). Thought it was the device itself or driver - exact same behavior though, random multiple chimes every once in a while but usually okay. Never thought to check the door sensors.. will put that in my trigger as well.. thanks!

I've done everything, debugged the dome siren driver, redid automations, written a custom app to just do that one thing so I could monitor and it still would randomly chime.

Here's a more technical explanation as to the issue.

I've also contacted Dome support and they were pointing at an issue with the hub. I sent it off to HE support as it went into even more technical details that I don't have access to but its not a high priority.


It does the same thing on SmartThings...


I have two of these devices (edit: to be clear, I meant the Dome siren/chime), and they both occasionally double or triple chime. They did it in Smartthings too.

it is annoying enough that I rarely even use the devices at this point. too bad because on paper the device is exactly what I need.

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Well all I can say is the Aeotec door chime does a very similar thing so was intrigued by @Ryan780's idea. Have implemented and will see if that works around the issue. For the Aeotec in my limited research it looked like the last good chime got stuck on playing (or did not "stop") prior to the multiple chimes but not really sure. Another thought was low battery in the sensor but still had the issue after replacing.

If you're willing to wait for it, the Aeotec Siren GEN 6 is awesome and since it isn't a beaming device it doesn't have the duplicate issue.


Sigh.. more toys to play with.. sounds awesome thanks!

I am using the old doorbell chime because that's what I had laying around after I replaced it with the Ring. It works well for the most part but every once in a while I get those annoying multiple beeps.

I'm looking forward to checking one of these devices out when they are commercially available.

I am also. The Dome Chime repeat issue seems to be much worse with Hubitat than ST. Frankly, reliable behavior here was one of my reasons for switching, ST cloud execution was causing the chimes to sometimes go off at random times. This seems like an implimetation issue. I am tempted to make my own device given the demand for this capability and lack of options. Seems like an easy 'thing'.

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I'd totally be down for a siren/chime that worked correctly 100% of the time, like the one in my old ADT panel did.

In the interim, I think I've managed to find a somewhat more reliable solution to the multi-chiming. Using the Maker API, I wrote a small bash script that checks the status of my entry door contact sensor (it's a wired sensor via Konnected), and if the status is open, it then sends the beep command to my 2 Dome sirens, which have been configured to use tone1 for the beep sound. I have the script sleeping for 2 seconds between checks, and so far, I only get a single chime sound out of my sirens. Will try and monitor for a few days to see if that changes.

If this works out, I'll probably enhance the script to save a previous state and current state, so that it can track when to send the beep command, for scenarios such as the door being held open for periods of time.

Does anyone have experience with the Ring Chime? Would this work as a WiFi chime with Hubitat? If it works, it would be a lower cost option than a Sonos speaker.

Nope. From Ring (Video DoorBell) "Chime" Integration - #5 by fester - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community

I emailed the Ring team to see if there was an API or way to call it externally from their traditional flow. They said they have nothing in the pipeline… however the support team will submit it to the developers as a request and see what happens.

I'd recommend a Dome Siren or one of the other options mentioned in this or similar threads (even an Alexa device, should you have one, can do TTS via super-unofficial but currently reliable methods, especially if you have the cookie automation set up). If Aeotec ever releases the Siren 6 (or possibly even Doorbell 6), that also looks like a promising option, but their website has said "2018" for months, possibly years. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I guess I'll wait and see when it gets released.

I should have said IF they are ever commercially available... Typical Aeotec.

EDIT: I was talking to them about something else today, and found out they are getting pretty close to release. Waiting on hub support on a few platforms first.

What about an RPi & cheap speaker?

I use the aotec door bell that works pretty well and was fairly cheap second hand off eBay for $20. As a bonus you can set the button somewhere in the house and automate scenes with it since I don't use it as an actual door bell.

The dome siren makes good sirens but has given me nothing problems as a chime as it sends multiple chimes for a single event. Doesn't happen to everyone but is a known issue with them and there is a bunch of info scattered in the forum that go into details. I wouldn't recommend it as a chime but it may work for you.

The ring chime doesn't integrate. People have reversed engineered their code and written api's to work with their devices but I can't recall if the chime was done. This would also require some coding to get them working. The delay would probably suck though as its cloud dependent.

The Aeotec Gen 6 sounds really good and checks a lot of boxes. But no idea when we would ever see it.

If you have fully kiosk browser I wrote a driver for it and posted it in the forums. I added a chime feature to it and you can load your own mp3 file. I currently use this as my chime. There is a slight delay as its over wifi and then also dependent on the speed of your tablet. My amazon tablet sucks when it comes to speed.

FKB is holding me over until the Aeotec is hopefully released.