Need something that beeps when contact sensor opens/closes

Hi everyone, I just got my HE and I'm so excited. I understand the Iris V1 keypad will not work because of proprietary stuff so I'm looking for something that will "beep" whenever a door is opened or closed while I'm home.

Is there something out there like that, besides getting another keypad?


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Sorry but i cannot help myself at times.
Will this d the job. :wink: :smile:



Why not have a speaker announce the name of the door that opened or closed? If you have a Google Home or a Sonos then you have everything needed to do so.


Ha!! Hilarious!

I'll butt out now.

I have Echo Dot....can I do it with that? How interesting.

No worries...loved that idea bobbles. Analog baby!!

sure.. but it's not "built in" app.

Awesome! Thanks guys! I wasn't expecting an answer like right this moment, but this is wonderful.

Most of the sirens also have a Chime or Beep feature. That's what I'm using for my door "announcements".

Which do you recommend?

I use the Dome Siren DMS01. It has some different chimes to choose from. Works good with HE.

That's what I was thinking about. Thanks!!

Dome here too.

I also use the Dome. Not for this purpose, but it could work. Actually, I'm not using it for anything now, but I swear I'll find a use for it again soon. :joy:

I have the dome siren as well. I was using it as a door chime bit sometimes it would chime multiple times. It would chime anywhere from 1 to 5 times randomly when opening a door.

I've read a few threads with others having the same issue and I have not been able to solve it and have given up with it. It did this on both ST and HE hubs.

Works well as a siren though.

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Yeah my Dome clone (NeoCoolcam) would chime randomly whenever the front door sensor was triggered so I also relegated it and now use TTS to a Google Mini.
It’s fun changing the door announcement every week or so

My GH has developed quite the 'Potty Mouth' at times. I'll add some good ones to the random messages. Wifey has sprained her eyeballs from rolling them so much at me when she hears some of the GH's latest and greatest vernacular. Haaaaaa!

I have one of the Dome sirens and another pretty much identical one made by Zooz. I have used them both on ST and HE and on both systems they have both had troubles using them for the chime. Sometimes they delay a few seconds and other times they chime multiple times. I've come in the door only to make it all the way to the kitchen at the back of the house before I hear the chime. They do work well on the siren side. These are the only ones I've ever used but I would not recommend them.

The only thing I would say is that are you 100% sure that whatever is causing the chime to occur isn't occurring multiple times? Like when you contact sensor opens it actually goes open/close/open/close? I have logic in my rule that once it chimes, the PB for the rule goes false for 5 seconds then true. Might want to give that a shot. Might not be the siren. Mine has been rock solid and I've never had that issue.