[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


Big thanks to @cwwilson08 for motivating me to work on the port which ended up running great on Hubitat :slight_smile:

Current Features:

  • Creates virtual Echo Devices for every physical device.
  • Make Alexa announcements based on any Hubitat event.
  • Play music/sounds based on an event (eg, when someone arrives)
  • Trigger weather/traffic reports, jokes, fun facts, sing songs, stories, get calendar events,
  • Create Alarms or Reminders based on any Hubitat event
  • Many other Alexa features.
  • There is ~50 custom commands available

Apps like Rule Machine/WebCoRE are currently the only apps to be able to fully utilize the more advanced features like music searching and creating Alarms/timers.




Installation Instructions:


Device Attributes:


Device Commands:





Please contact us if you have any questions about how the devices work or integrating
into your work.


V2.2.0 (January 15th, 2019):


  • UPDATED: The Code is now 100% Cross-Platform ready for SmartThings and Hubitat!
  • FIXED: Update Notifications are now off when you disable them.
  • FIXED: Reduced missed poll notifications. The app will attempt to re-initiate the data updates 1 time before alerting you.
  • FIXED: Many, many bug fixes. So many that it leads me to wonder how the app even worked at all.
  • UPDATED: UI flow and layout updates and reorganization.
  • UPDATED: Added Device and Server Version to head section on the main page for easy viewing of installed versions.
  • ADDED: The supported device is now dynamic and the update process is now 100% remote. Meaning I can support remotely and your app will update it's data every 6 hours or will update when you open the smartapp.
  • ADDED: Device Cleanup Option to remove unwanted devices or All devices on uninstall


  • FIXED: Volume logic fixes
  • UPDATED: playAnnouncement() changes.. Added optional parameters Title, Volume, Restore Volume to playAnnouncement command. (Unfortunately playAnnouncementAll() does not support volume yet)
    You will see 2 playAnnouncement commands now. the new one excepts playAnnouncement(message, title, volume, restoreVolume)
  • UPDATED: playText* commands have been updated to provide better support for legacy smartapps
  • UPDATED: sendTtsTest() command has been renamed to speechTest()
  • UPDATED: Device Tile UI has been overhauled with icons.
  • ADDED: Bluetooth Device Control. You can connected/disconnect as well as delete there pairing from the device.
  • ADDED: Account activity is now checked to determine if a device was that last device spoken to on your account. The value will be found in wasLastSpokenToDevice attribute.
  • ADDED: You can also get the last command spoken on the device in the attribute lastVoiceActivity.
  • ADDED: Command to Rename your alexa device on your Amazon account.
  • ADDED: Undocumented command that I will not explain how to use yet. :expressionless:


I hope I can motivate you to port NST Manager.....


lol... I don't think i have that much ambition at the moment :slight_smile:

Maybe though... NST is due for a full rewrite anyway. I've learned a lot over the last 2 years


I would love to pull my Nest protects over from ST, but I love the Nest Manager smartapp so much I just can't bring myself to move them over to Hubitat yet. I would also vote for the NST Manager for Hubitat!


Good news is that the port is pretty much complete... I'm just performing some last minute testing and polishing


All I need to do is find the stupid bug I've created which is preventing music commands from working on ST.

Since I refuse to maintain 2 code bases, i'm going to wait until I resolve the issue before releasing.

I will say Echo Speaks runs pretty great on Hubitat :slight_smile:


Hey Tony,
I know this has been a very long and overly interactive project on ST so absolutely agree it’s the right approach to get it solid here.
You have a level of patience and commitment I really admire... especially after some of those responses in the ST community.
Looking forward to trying it here.



I appreciate it.

I knocked bug out earlier.

I got ambitious to add some features in to make things better for users and myself.
I'm wrapping up the last feature now.

I will be posting this as a beta on HE side. Once I can confirm i didn't bust things ST side.


Heads up

I will be doing a release of this code tonight without a beta because i'm excited to get this out there.
I would like non adventurous people to hold off until given the all clear message by others.


This is going to be good...


button mashing the refresh to be one of the first in line.


@tonesto7 published the code over on ST forum:

V2.2.0 (January 15th, 2019):


  • UPDATED: Code base now supports 100% Cross-Platform Support for both SmartThings and Hubitat!


Been running great for me since last night....


Thanks I was going to post here today


Just an FYI.... Echo Speaks runs very fast on Hubitat :wink:


It's strangely quiet in here :expressionless:


I'm just installing looks brilliant so far Thanks for this


I have got heroku to pull my cookie and the app sees all my devices but I can not get them to speak from the test page in the app or directly from the device itself.
I am sure it is something simple I am missing


Watch the log output while sending the command from the driver page itself


I get "SpeakCommand Sent Successfully"
it should work I have 11 (plus the all devices so 12) echo devices and all say online
I have tried rebooting the hub and one of the devices as well