Need a water leak sensor - Recommendations?

Thanks, I live on the Alabama Gulfcoast and the temperature may get below freezing here a couple of times a year. Maybe a dusting of snow/ice every 2-3 years so freezing is rarely an issue. Humidity is our main problem. For example it’s 92 degrees with 98% humidity here today so everything drips. It’s especially tough on A/C units. Mine pulls a little less than a gallon of water out of the air a day and when the drain clogs it’s a mess. Air ducts sweat, pipes sweat so we definitely have our share of water related issues. Hopefully these sensors will help me keep it all in balance.

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Great place to be. I have a house in Gulf Shores. Love it there.

HVAC float switches or electronic water sensors are an area where non-smart is probably a better primary choice. They are wired directly into the system and will shut the system off. No need to go through some HA hub.

Yes, I agree.

However, a leak sensor connected to an HA system would go in the pan below the evaporator and be a backup device. The pan should always be dry. It will only be wet if the float sensor failed and water dripped over into the pan.

Edit - FWIW, that's how I've setup my evaporator. The float sensor is by the evaporator drain and will be triggered if the drain is clogged. The leak sensor is in the pan below the evaporator and should only be triggered if the float sensor fails, and the HVAC keeps running.

I have an electronic float switch but the area that is leaking/dripping is not there it’s under the unit. A/C folks will be here tomorrow but I still want the HA sensor under there for the future

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See Smartthings GP-U999SJVLCDA water leak sensor works well with Hubitat Elevation Hub.

Here is full list of water sensors from hubitat website:
|Fibaro|FGFS-101 ZW5|
|SmartThings|Moisture Sensor V4|
|Samsung|Moisture Sensor V5|

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Anytime anyone wants to see the current list of what’s compatible via the built-in drivers, it’s available here. That’s expanded further by community drivers that work with devices not officially listed as compatible, but do work with the community created drivers.

Just click the top of the columns to sort by the category you’re investigating.


Probably an old thread but i have used the centralite water sensors and so far love them. These were also marketed by Iris so you may still find some listed that way.
They connected to HE immediately, they work very quickly once the contracts are wet and i set them up in HSM, with pushover notification. Even set up an IFTTT link to call me if they get wet!
I don't have experience with other sensors but certainly happy so far.

These are great. If you can still find them

I've had a Fibaro for about 8 months. All I can say is it has always worked, still the original battery. Would purchase again.

Anyone tried using water leak sensor as rain sensor? Like putting it outside the window to check for rain

@Cobra did this and posted about it when he was using SmartThings though this now works on HE too


OK. Pretty new to HE. Paired a Samsung Zigbee Water Leak Sensor. Paired fine, but does not see "wet" events. Temperature is reported correctly. Unpaired and moved to SmartThings (not done migrating yet) and it immediately sees wet/dry events. I'm using the Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor. Is that wrong? What's up?

Rebooting the hub fixed this. Weird.

A little concerning, I have a bunch of these that I didn't have issues w/on SmartThings, went off when I had a leak, two different times. (One was really a spill, but the sensor got it right that there was water.)

I have 16 smartthings leak sensors on hubitat, and they all work.

Try hitting configure and refresh a time or two on it.


I have 9, all work and 3 different times, detected issues behind the washer, under the kitchen sink and bathroom toilet

Luv them :slight_smile:


What is the latest thinking on this a year on? I just had to fix a leak under my shower and now I have access I'm thinking of adding a leak detector before I close things up again. I'm in the UK and have bought a fair amount of stuff from Vesternet so I had a look at its range and either the Aeotec 7 Pro (Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Water Sensor 7 Pro — Vesternet) or the Aeotec SmartThings (Zigbee Aeotec SmartThings Waterleak Sensor — Vesternet) already mentioned here occured to me.

The one I actually like the look of the most that I found via a wider web search is the Honeywell Resideo W1 Wi-Fi sensor ( particularly because for that the remote sensor isn't a device on the end of a cable but the whole cable is a sensor and extension cables can be bought so I could snake it around pipe joints and around the edges of the shower tray to catch smaller drips rather than bigger floods where the water can find its way to a single 2-pronged sensor. That's not supported in Hubitat as far as I can tell and being a WiFi device rather than Z-Wave or Zigbee I'm guessing that the chances of an integration are quite low.

Does anyone know of any the-whole-cable-is-a-sensor devices that are compatible with Hubitat? Failing that does anyone have any experiences with the Aeotec Pro 7 sensor or have any other suggestions? Another plus for me would be the ability to power it from a USB source since I have access to power in the area where I want to put it.

HomeSeer makes a z-wave one that is compatible with Hubitat, but it does you little good because it is only available in the North American z-wave frequency.

So instead, why not modify an Aeotec Smartthings sensor? Take two stranded 18 ga or 20 ga wires, strip the sheath and solder each wire to one of the terminals. Use clips every 4-5 cm to keep the two conductors apart and snake them around anything you want. If there's water that bridges the two conductors, it'll trigger the sensor.