Smartthings GP-U999SJVLCDA water leak sensor works well with Hubitat Elevation Hub

I wanted to purchase a set of water-leak detectors to work with my Hubitat Elevation hub. My plan is to use a water-main shutoff device to automatically shut off my home water supply in the event of a water leak, for which I've chosen the "Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve - for Pipes up to 1 1/2", White (DMWV1)".

In any case, I chose the smartthings GP-U999SJVLCDA water leak sensor because it was zigbee based (as opposed to wifi), and because it was the lowest priced unit I could find that looked like it would meet my needs. I also felt that a smartthings product would be more likely to work successfully than an unknown brand. I would have preferred a z-wave product, but zigbee was fine because the hubitat elevation hub supports both zigbee and z-wave.

Setup of the water-leak sensors was a breeze. Literally just required pulling out the battery-protection tab on the water leak sensor, then running zigbee device discovery on the hubitat hub. I could test the water-leak capability by using a coin to short-out the water-probes (which are duplicated on the top and bottom of the water leak sensors). By doing so I could see when a unit indicated "wet" or "dry".

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the water-leak sensors also act as temperature sensors. Not as surprisingly, the water leak sensors also report their battery level - so I can also set up alerts from my hub to tell me when a battery needs replacing. Also, the units are very small and unobtrusive.

I purchased the units from (see for $23.99 CAD.
[F---ing Amazon: Today, a day later, they are asking $29.99 CAD].


In Case anyone needs water leak sensors, I found these're welcome!

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In case? With this crowd is that even a question to be asked? :laughing:


They don't ship to Canada! Do better next time! :laughing:

Sorry man, I tried...


HAHAHA. I'm joking of course. They do ship to Canada. Just too expensive. Good find though.


I beg to differ.

Damn Canucks - they don't read the English so good :laughing: :laughing:

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:laughing: A bit slow on the draw buddy! Also, not Canadian, but my family is, so watch it sir! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I just purchased one of these sensors. How often do these update Temp?

@wfd11777 @waynespringer79 I was going to ask how one could test to make sure the unit is working. Jumping the 2 pins with a coin?

I have a rule setup if the water sensor senses water... How can I test to make sure this rule really works? Jump the pins?

Lick your finger and put it across the pins, a big ole sloppy wet lick.....should do the trick

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@waynespringer79 Funny,

I took at wet rag and put it over the pins. In a matter of less then 2 seconds, I got an alert.

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Are you able to see the battery state of charge? I cannot get the older model of the smarthings leak sensor to show its state of charge. Everything else works though.

@jvrazel Yes, battery and temp are reported on the newer units periodically thoughout the day. Using the wet finger test, triggering is immediate. When paired with my Dome Shutoff Valve, if I run the water at the furthest sink, the water is completely off in less than 10 seconds.

I am assuming that the STS-WTR-250 does not show the state of charge? This is the model I have and everything works except the batter state of charge.

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