Need a water leak sensor - Recommendations?

which model fibaro do you have?

And I can't wait for the Xiaomi Zigbee 3.0 devices, although I suspect they will drastically raise prices, putting themselves out of the market, hope I'm wrong

The FGFS-101 ZW5 they are the z wave plus version.
I have 12-15 water sensors on every source of water in my house including washing machine and basement window wells in case of over land flooding.

Thanks, I have the older non plus, and meh they're okay when "hotwired"

Wait you have twelve sensors for each source, or in total?
I have 2 on each source, and 3 for mainline,if we flood and hubitat doesn't respond my HA days are over,and the wife would kill me, by drowning.:wink:

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No total one on each sink, toilet, water tank, basement drain etc.
Gave me a good excuse to add a smart plug to my washing machine so it stops pumping water out of the machine if it leaks. Also gives me an announcement when the wash is finished.

I expect the new Xiaomi zigbee 3.0 will be a little more expensive hopefully not to much.
Will order 1-2 more when they come out.
I actually lost one can not remeber where I put it.

Thanks @NoWon the Fibaro looks like the "Cadillac" and I'm drooling for one. In truth I probably only need a pickup truck to do the job. Thanks for the info all.... great discussions.

There is something to be said about small detectors that you can tuck into tight spaces. The fibaro are pretty big at 71mm in diameter.

There's also Aeotec Water Sensor 6 and Leak Intel

Yes I should have mentioned I only have 2 Fibaro due to the cost then 2-3 SmartThings and the rest are Xiaomi. I have only convert a few of the battery powered over to usb. Slowly doing it as micro usb cables for other devices fail cut the micro usb ends off an solder the cable on.

I agree with others the Smart Things are great because they can detect on top and bottom. I also use the Sensitive Strips Guard as well. More expensive for sure but I needed something low profile to put under the fridge. Someone is always running water over from the front dispenser

I have 15 of the SmartThings leak sensors. I have the previous model with only bottom detection (I get what you guys are saying on top detection, but I really see no point in it personally).

They work great, very reliable, and long battery life.

I put one under the washer outlets to hopefully catch a drip before it puddles enough to catch the bottom contacts. Not looking for that leak to check it out though!

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I get the potential use cases. I am just very skeptical most people are good enough at positioning them, and keeping them positioned, that they will have a good success rate in it dripping exactly on the top.

I know my cleaning people move my leak sensors all over the place when cleaning the house... Would never work for me.

Regardless, if you can get use out of it, then cool.

I need your cleaning lady that cleans behind the washer!


They do (although not very often). That one might be OK / generally stay put.

It is all of the sink and toilet ones that get moved EVERY cleaning... And ~25% of them are triggered every cleaning due to their cleaning cloth or mop being too wet (so I have logic to disable HSM alerting on cleaning day, and then manually check the list and go dry them back off)...

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The only way I know the maid mops the bathrooms is because she triggers the leak sensors on the floor :smiley:

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Canadians, All the SmartThings devices are marked down today on Amazon. The leak sensors are $20.50 CAD.

I've had a Fibaro leak sensor for about 6 months. My experience so far:

  • No false alarms
  • One real alarm and the sensor worked great
  • My periodic tests were all successful.

I recently purchased a HomeSeer. I've not performed a lot of testing yet. It looks similar to the Fibaro.

I know everyone's mileage varies, but I just soaked a paper towel and set my Dome sensor on it. My wife called me within 60 seconds telling me the AC is leaking. I probably should have warned her I was doing that test.

Another vote for the Smart Things leak sensors (any version). I have 5 of them. Their battery has lasted over a year so far and they trigger instantly. Iā€™m pleased so far.

And yet another Samsung user. I presently have 3. So far, cheap, good battery life and all tests have indicated they work.

Anyone put them in an attic? I have an AC drip pan up there I'd like to monitor, but I'm worried about the little guy melting down in the crazy heat up there in the summer.


I did. I have 2 AC units and have one in each drip pan.

Also remember that while the attic is hot, unless your AC unit is sealed a lot better than mine, the temp in the drip pan is often a little cooler. I'm in San Antonio, TX so it gets plenty hot in my attic.

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