Need a water leak sensor - Recommendations?

Today I had a leak in my A/C overflow and I finally realized the need for a water sensor. I have looked at the Dome ( DMWS1). I like the price and I have some Dome products and have been happy. I have also looked at the Fibaro (FGFS-101 ZW5). I like the idea of a temperature sensor also since it will sit below the A/C unit and inside the air return area. The price was steep $55 compared to $35 for the Dome. One question is that if it sits inside the A/C return surrounded on two sides by metal return grills, I wonder how that will affect the Z-Wave radio range. It will sit about 15 feet from the hub and 6 feet from a repeater.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

There's also Xiaomi Aqara Leak sensors that are very reasonably priced - if you already have a Aqara-compatible zigbee mesh.

I use the SmartThings Leak Sensor, happy with them, Best Buy, $19.99


I use the Dome sensor for that very purpose. It comes with a remote probe, about 18in I think. So the sensor is on the wall next to the vent, with the probe snaked through the vent resting on the floor.

Thanks but I don't want to take the Xiaomi plunge... The price is definitely appealing but I want to stay with a standard mesh.

I definitely considered ST Sensor and I may go with one of those for another leak sensitive area.

Good to hear. I actually thought about using the remote probe and locating the actual sensor outside the vented area. The Dome looks appealing but again the temp sensor on the Fibaro is calling me.... The price ain't LOL. I believe that the Fibaro also has a remote sensor capability but I can't find anywhere that states whether it is included. What is your experience with battery life on the Dome? Also is the remote attachment secure or does it look like an add-on afterthought?

I have them all. Dome is a pain in my azz, xiaomi is finicky and can NOT be relied upon.
The new samsung with top&bottom contacts works very well and not priced bad. has 20% off and free shipping

Thanks for the feedback. Curious what are your complaints with the Dome? The Samsung ST sensor definitely does have an appealing price. How do you get the 20% off and free shipping?

Samsung/SmartThings is great. Detects from top or bottom. Top is cool because you can place under a pipe. And you can pick them up under $20 usually on eBay.

I understand your position. However, adding in Xiaomi devices doesn't mean you don't have a standard mesh. You need compatible repeaters. There are three that are compatible with both the Xiaomi and Hubitat at the moment.

The first and least expensive is the IKEA Trådfri Outlets and dedicated repeaters. These are Zigbee 3.0 and all your devices can route through them, no problem.

The second is typically a choice for those outside of the countries where the Trådfri Outlets and repeaters are available. It's generic, but said to route Xiaomi as well as other Zigbee devices. It is also inexpensive.

The third is an Xbee. These are the most expensive, but they are also available in very powerful versions. They are also available as either Zigbee 1.2 or 3.0. They are slightly more difficult because you have to buy two separate parts, put them together, and program them, but it is really trivial. Most are apprehensive until they buy the parts and try it (I was), but then almost laugh at how easy it is. The huge benefit of an Xbee is you can map your Zigbee network and see the link quality of your devices. It's an excellent tool to have in your kit and it's an outstanding repeater. Zigbee devices LOVE the Xbee.

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The probe is great, the wall mount bracket is wonky. Battery life is fantastic. I'd like to know what problems @Rxich is having?

I totally agree with two of your suggestions - Tradfri Outlets and Xbee. I haven't tried the third. Just wanted to mention that the Tradfri outlets are zigbee 3.0 (not BT 3.0) :smiley:


LOL. Thanks. I've been researching some Bluetooth devices and I guess it's stuck in my brain. :rofl:

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@SmartHomePrimer has clarified what I meant. The repeaters that work with Xiaomi sensors also work with other zigbee devices.

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Exactly. Your typical Xiaomi devices that many of us are installing in our home are battery powered. They are participants in the mesh, but your other devices will not route through them. I'm not saying that a messed up device couldn't cause issues on the mesh; that can happen with any Zigbee device. But despite being so inexpensive and themselves not following the Zigbee spec 100%, they are quality products and have not been found to cause stability issues on the Zigbee mesh.

Anyway, I'm just a fan, not a Xiaomi pitchman. The Samsung are good too and they are 100% compliant with the spec.

Thanks to all for such good and timely feedback !! I am curious about what kind of issues @ Rxich has had with the Dome sensors. My local Best Buy has the Samsung Sensor in stock and I may just go by there and grab one tomorrow for $20. Even if it isn't as sensitive as I need or has problems with its Zigbee radio getting through the A/C return grills, I can use it other places. As far as the Xiaomi devices, I'm not ready to build out the infrastructure for those "yet". I moved from Wink almost a month ago and have everything ported over except my Ring doorbell. Leaving the closed world of Wink, I have so many ideas that require $$ that I have been expanding. The World of Hubitat is fantastic with all of the choices, "I'm like a kid in a candy store". I'm not sure what to go for first LOL. I will say that this community is great for newcomers like me and the help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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They have various discounts depending on how much you buy, free shipping and fresh inventory
Follow link. At the time I got 20%, but it varies from time to time

My dome water sensors constantly lag. See my other thread about a sensor not updaing since Feb 2019. And they are constantly show up as non communicating in the device monitor app. The battery holders inside appears to be made of tin foil(almost as thin). For a z-wave plus device, totally unacceptable. My other sensors(iris, samsung -zigbee) are rock solid. I actually trust my xiaomi water sensors more than dome, and I own the dome shutoff valve, which works great.

Just search dome in these forums and you'll see what I'm talking about

Wow ! I'm glad that I asked... I was just about to pull the trigger on the Dome. I think that "the gang" has steered me, at least for the short term, to Samsung. I went back and looked at the Samsung and the top sensors do make good sense (thanks for the tip @ brianwilson). I'm still wondering how well the Zigbee radio will make it out of the air return cavity under the A/C. I guess we will see.

I like my Fibaro because they have screw down contacts you can hardwire the power to them but you have to buy a power plug for them unless you have one laying around so additional cost.
Xiaomi sensors and SmartThings sensors both work well and you can remove the battery and solder a usb cable to them for external power.
I would wait a few more weeks for the new Xiaomi zigbee 3.0 leak sensors to be released.


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