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Hi All,

My home automation setup consists of various raspberry Pis, Hubitat and various other IP devices as well as the zwave and zigbee stuff.

I was thinking of setting up some sort of monitoring dashboard that would give me an at a glance status / health of various things, eg are the raspberry pis pingable, memory, cou usage, storage available of attached devices, internet connection, Hubitat error (if possible) etc (the list could go on...).. has anyone built such a thing and what tooling is being used ?




Tagging @Royski because I know he is doing something with monitoring one or more Pi
I think the app was ported/created by @sgrayban



I have a few of these item using a combination of NodeRed, influxdb and grafana. Here's snapshot of my main dashboard in Grafana.



I’m using an app and a driver for this, which auto refreshes every X mins.

SuperTiles by @Cobra here.
[Updated] Super Tile - Icons have arrived! :)

And the PI Stat driver by @sgrayban here.
[Release] Raspberry Pi Stats

Have a read up on both, it’s all very easy to achieve. And you can add to your dashboards.


that battery wall is epic.


This looks great and exactly in line with the sort of thing I was wanting to create. How did you achieve the battery status ?


I previously used the Influxdb Logger app to send my device info out to an influxdb database. I would then use Grafana to create graphs,etc. Unfortunately it was one of the reasons my hub was locking up on a weekly basis. Thankfully @corerootedxb shared a better way to access device data and send to a database.

HE has an undocumented websocket that streams all events (it's what is probably used for the dashboards). We can tap this event stream using Node Red and push the events into a database. I already had influxdb set up so that's where my data goes.

If you are not familiar with Node Red, influxdb or Grafana, you may have a bit of reading to do. None of it is difficult on its own but setting all three from scratch may seem overwhelming. It's not so bad if you do one at a time. Each is a powerful tool in their own right.

Here's @corerootedxb thread with how to get the eventsocket setup in Node red and sent to a database.
Hubitat > NodeRed > MySQL > Grafana (LONG READ)

Within that thread there are posts with how to go to influxdb instead of an SQL database. Post any questions about how to get these going there.


Project for this weekend I think ! Thanks for the detailed reply. I use node red but the other tools mentioned are new to me..

Thanks again !