Missing fundamentals about Ring Keypad G2 input

I have a Ring Keypad G2 hooked to my C7- paired just fine with S2 access control. I worked with both the builtin and community drivers.

From the hubitat device page, I can make the keypad do things, like strobe/siren/arm/disarm/etc.

But I'm missing what should happen when I press buttons on the keypad.

I have debug enabled on the device. I expected the logs to show something when I entered some digits, or at least pressed the checkbox after some digits, or pressing the arm/disarm button, etc. but i dont see anything in the log whenever i press anything on the keypad.

I'm only interested in using the keypad with RM, not HSM. So I was looking to see what data is sent. Under triggers, I do see Security Keypads, but only arm/disarm/changed is available-- i dont see anything about entering a valid code, or triggering the emergency button, etc.

What's supposed to happen when I press buttons on the keypad?

Mine are integrated with HSM so your experience may be a bit different, but as I understand it the keypad only sends a successful arm or disarm command. The validation of the security code is local to the keypad. So the first step is to store a security code on the keypad. Once it's in there I believe HE will get armed/disarmed events if you enter the correct code and press one of the arm/disarm buttons.

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I would definitely recommend the community driver over the built-in - it's gotten a bit more love and focus. With debug logs enabled, you should definitely see some zwave events being parsed in the logs,
A. When you start pressing buttons
B. When you press one of the security keys or checkmark to "submit" a code
C. When the idle timeout of the keypad is hit, without explicitly submitting
D. When the emergency buttons are held (for 3s by default)

If not, I would start double-checking the pairing/zwave settings details for the device. Note that debug logs turn themselves off after 30 min.

As far as triggering things with Rule Machine, you should be able to use the security keypad capabilities/events, button pushed/held, or "custom attribute" lastCodeName. In this case codes are stored/validated on the hub.

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none of these make hubitat show anything in the log, including when debug is enabled.

the pairing seems good. it's S2 access control, 40kb. even though it's 15 feet from hub, it's relaying through an aeotec siren that's 30 feet from the hub. zwave mesh details show 2ms average-- seems healthy to me.

and of course, from hubitat i can make the keypad do things, like arm, strobe, siren, etc.

and it lets me set lockcodes too like

lockCodes : {"1":{"code":"1234","name":"TestName1"}}

any more advice is appreciated. and tagging @bptworld :slight_smile:

That's good to know that each digit isn't sent individually. But even when I enter my code and press the checkmark, or code+disarm, or code+arm, nothing shows up in logs, even with debug.

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You would need to use the Community Driver for this to work. The HE built-in doesn't have these features.

I am using your community driver, v1.0.9 installed via HPM. that's the first thing i changed after reading the forums.

Cool. Turn on the debug log and then press the 'check mark' on the keypad. Take a screenshot of the debug log and post here.


I also see in the logs:

Version Report - FirmwareVersion: 1.18, ProtocolVersion: 7.12, HardwareVersion: 3

i wonder if that needs upgrading??

nothing shows up at all. i turned off the debug button, saved. turned on debug, saved. went to logs, and pressed the checkmark. nothing shows up.

and when i use the device details page in hubitat to do things, like pressing arm/disarm/etc, the keypad does the appropriate things and the hubitat logs show plenty:

Can you post a screenshot from the Device Details in the table near the bottom of the device page for your keypad, as well as from the zwave settings page, a screenshot of the row for your keypad?

Most of that looks good/same as mine - the RSSI is lower than ideal, but it seems to get by fine.

Only thing I note (not sure if this is the issue) is that my details include secureInClusters - missing from yours.

Have you tried excluding and re-including the keypad? The lack of debug logs definitely indicate that it either isn't sending (or the hub isn't receiving) the majority of the zwave events we would expect... Almost like the communication is mostly 1-way


I just took a quick look through this thread and didn't see this asked/answered...

Did you use SmartStart in the HE app to pair the device? That's the only way mine would pair correctly.

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no. i guess i'll give it a try.

I didn't-- actually not sure what SmartStart is. I just paired it normally- Devices -> Add Device -> Z-Wave (under add manually) -> Start Z-Wave Inclusion. Hubitat picked up right away when I held down the 1 button on the keypad for 3 seconds -- i entered the 5 digit code and it was all set.

I just searched the forums for SmartStart and found this video -- neat! i'll exclude the keypad and give it a try.

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SmartStart is weird.

I excluded the keypad. Then i factory reset the keypad just because.

I scanned the QR code and I see the entry with the DSK. But under the DSK it shows "not included, pending". It's sat here for 10 minutes. The ring keypad has the green blinking light in the upper left. Do i just keep waiting?

Nope, now go into HE and do the normal add zwave device (but don't touch the device)

It'll find it right away. Finish adding it and then go back into Smartstart and delete it from the list.

Woah! i now have two way comms, when i press buttons on the keypad, i see it in the debug logs. yay!

I'm not sure if it had to do with smartstart or if it just needed to be re-paired.

thanks all!

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