[Deprecated] Ring Alarm Keypad G2 - New Dev/Driver/Thread Links in 1st post!

I checked in HPM and the driver was not listed. I do a match up and HPM dont detect the driver I had manualy installed. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it through HPM and now it is listed in HPM...
Weird that HPM match up dont detect it... anyway it work now.

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Lately Hubitat has been flagging the Ring Keypad on my back door for "excessive events." The Back door is in the kitchen, so the proximity sensor (which is enabled) is constantly triggering when someone is doing the dishes, for example. It currently registers every single motion event, so if someone is moving around in front of the keypad, it is generating motion events constantly. Is there a way to delay the "retrigger" time like what the driver for Hue Motion Sensors does? For that driver, I'm able to specify the time between the initial trigger and retrigger (10 seconds by default). If that's not possible, I may need to disable the proximity sensor as it's generating hundreds of motion events when people are in the kitchen. Thoughts?

There isn't an option to delay the re trigger. But those events aren't hurting anything unless they go on for hours at a time. To stop the Excessive Events warning, simply up the 'Event Threshold' on the device page.

Got it, thanks

Hi all.

I have my Ring G2 keypad included and it is utilizing the community driver. I have some basic questions that I thought would be easy to find on the forum but I'm not having any success at the moment.

is there a guide that includes the ring G2 keypad for setup with HSM? like a full for dummies level style guide. I set the ring keypad as the keypad to use for Arm and disarm in HSM, but no where in HSM does it state where to utilize a keypad code that should be associated with the HSM functionality.

I can set a code in the Keypad device menu and see the lock code reflected under current states for "lockcodes" if I press the Arm home or arm away option within the device menu in the app it will change the state in HSM. But if I attempt to use the code on the keypad I can't (or do not know how) to initiate each mode with the keycode or with the single button arm home/away functionality so that it will arm HSM.

do we have a parameter list for the alarm keypad driver that I just can't seem to locate for this particular keypad? (HSM asks for a button assignment for the one button arming, but I have no idea what button # those are) looking at the driver code it appears to be 5 and 6? but putting that in HSM seems to have no effect.

sorry for the long winded post. just driving me crazy lol. HSM via the app works fine, alarm keypad via the app device menu works fine, but physical interaction with they keypad's been a non starter so far.

This sounds a lot (the same?) as my trouble when I started, I thought I just didn't know what I was doing, but it ends up the keypad was in a confused 1/2 paired state where it could receive commands but not send them back to the hub.

@dkilgore90 found that mine didnt have the secureInClusters data - so we ended up unpairing and repairing. @bptworld recommended pairing with SmartStart which worked, but smartstart itself might have been placebo, maybe a regular re-pair would have worked fine.

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thanks for the suggestion. under my device details i see the securinClusters with what looks to be the same code string as in your post that is linked.

are we supposed to put in our lock code + Away/home in order to initiate arming of the system?

There's a slider button in the keypad's device details page for "Enable set alarm without code". If that's on, you can just press away/home without a pin. if it's off, you'll need to enter your code and then the away/home.

If you arm HSM using the device page menu, does your keypad change state and announce "home and armed" or whatever? if so, what happens when you enter your pin and then the blue X (upper left) disarm button ?

I'm trying to get a Ring Keypad to unlock an electric gate lock (controlled by a ZEN17 universal relay) when a code is punched into the keypad. The only way I've been able to accomplish this in RM is by using the custom attribute "lastCodeName = " as the trigger/action and then manually typing in the code(s) I want to use within the rule. This is okay, per se, but I want to be able to just use the lockCodes, that way I can add them via Lock Code Manager for all my locks (3 Yale Zigbee door locks and 2 gate locks) and have it work since it's an approved lock code on the device - I don't want to have to go into the RM rule each time and add additional codes (e.g. "IF (Side Gate Keypad lastCodeName = 1111) OR IF (Side Gate Keypad lastCodeName = 2222) OR IF (Side Gate Keypad lastCodeName = 3333) THEN"). Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

To this point, the driver didn't have a streamlined approach to your use case -- primary focus is on serving HSM (and similar Apps).

However, I see the merit of having a generic "code validation" interface, which I added this afternoon in my fork -- PR raised to integrate in the main stream as well: add "validCode" attribute and "validateCheck" preference in Ring Alarm Keypad g2 by dkilgore90 · Pull Request #58 · bptworld/Hubitat · GitHub

Using this new update, you can use Lock Code Manager to set, enable, and disable valid codes for the keypad, then trigger your rule simply on the new attribute validCode == "true". Note there is also a new preference to validate codes when submitting via the "check mark", which you may need to enable -- wasn't sure which button you're using for code submission for your use case.


That's incredible! It works great now, and the RM coding is super clean now (always a plus!). Thanks so much for adding that functionality so quickly, @dkilgore90!

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Hey guys I wanted to bring something to your attention.

It looks like this driver is in some way creating extra events for HSM related state changes. I am honestly not really sure how to explain it other then to state what my rule is doing and what the result is when the keypad is running.

This all started because I am trying to trigger rules on HSM status changes. Part of the action is to write some states to variables after certain HSM events occur. I have been talking with @bravenel because i saw some things that pointed to HSM/RM issues on my dev hub that didn't have a keypad. Now that those issues have been fixed and my dev hub works great, Once I enabled the rule to work on my prod hub i still experienced a issue with the rule running twice when it was only triggered once. After removing the Keypad from HSM it worked fine. I also tested this a few times with the Built in driver and that seems to work fine as well. I like the added features we have in this driver, but extra events may make it very difficult to use HSM to trigger anything. If i watch HSM it looks like it HSM cycles through the delay period and the immediately restarts it. That can possibly explain why the Rule never sees it go to armed away and the required expression go false

Here is the live Logging that shows what the rule did. Keep in mind this is from click on the HSM button to Arm/Away.

What it looks like is happening is when the button is pressed HSM changes to Arming away as it should and then 60 seconds later triggers Armed Away. Then for some reason it again is triggered into Armed away 60 seconds later. This triggers the rule to run again and because it logs some values and then turns devices off the second run tell logs the value to OFF. This is a problem when the disarm action runs and the value is not as expected.

Here is the Rule from RM incase you want to look at it.

late response but just worked with the system today again. even though my settings seemed to match the expected appearance of a working keypad pairing (secureInclusters data being present, healthy z wave connection, etc...) i decided to remove it again and repair it with smartstart. Once i did this it started working as expected both with the security code + mode button. and also with the one touch mode button arming methods for HSM.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

Is there any way this driver could be ported to work on the Ring V1 Keypad? The V1 keypad is really pretty sweet too and it would be nice to get a bit more functionality from it.

@bptworld and @dkilgore90

By chance could either of you look at what i reported a few posts up.

Saw something like that a few years ago playing around with another keypad - finally traced it down to having both the keypad and HSM running delayed exits. Believe the sequence went something like (been a while so don’t hold me to this being exact):

  1. Arm keypad
  2. Keypad sent Arming message
  3. Delay Expired Keypad sent Armed message
  4. HSM saw Armed message and started its delay by sending Arming message
  5. Delay Expired HSM sent Armed message

Solution at the time was to only have one of the know about the delay.

May not be your issue, but thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

Sorry, I don't use RM or HSM. I wrote my own versions of both apps. Event Engine and Safety Net (SN isn't available yet).

Yea.. I remember reading about that as a possible cause as well. What is strange is the Built in driver works fine. Only this community one seems to have this problem. I never set the delay inside of the keypad driver, and only in HSM. Another points is that i just validated this has nothing to do with delay as I test this with my Armed/Home, and its settings that don't have a delay. The community driver just seems to be sending the events twice. Screen shot below


That leads me to believe the driver is just sending it twice.

@bptworld This really has nothing to do with RM, but with the behavior of the keypad while it interacts with HSM. Generating erroneous events will lead to bad behaviors for anything trying to trigger off that event. This could make your community driver useless for anyone that uses HSM. It is great you are writing your own apps, but you may want to clarify for folks if your driver won't support the built in ones. I mean frankly I wouldn't recommend it at this point for anyone using HSM based on that response. It also just dawned on me that this also explains why for a while now I have been getting double notifications from HSM whenever it's status changes.

It's a 'Community' driver, anyone is welcome to take a look and submit a pull request (as many have).

ok well i am looking at it actually, I haven't done much with modifying drivers so I trying to understand the structure.