[Deprecated] Ring Alarm Keypad G2 - New Dev/Driver/Thread Links in 1st post!

Please change line 629 from:
log.debug "found code: ${pincode} user: ${it.value['name']}"

to (just add // to the beginning of the line)

//log.debug "found code: ${pincode} user: ${it.value['name']}"


Ha, already did, was just about to post. Thanks!

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I just setup a number of water leak sensors around the house and included them in HSM. For some reason when the water leak sensor is triggered the Ring Keypad says "entry delay started" and then commences the countdown.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to stop it?

I don't use HSM so not sure about that but you can try taking a screenshot of a debug log, showing the keypad receiving the command.

This is what the Keypad log shows after I trigger a water leak sensor:

I just tried to setup HSM with a water sensor and a keypad. So far I can't reproduce the delay. When the sensor is 'wet' the keypad siren instantly goes off.


Strange that yours behaves differently. Is there any way to stop the keypad reacting to the water sensors entirely?

Not without knowing what command HSM is sending. It's closed source so I can't see what it is.

Maybe you can give me more info on how you have yours setup and I can try to duplicate it.

This is what my HSM page looks like:

For the water leak sensors I have only setup text alerts:

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When arming and disarming HSM I'm seeing multiple events (armed/disarmed) in the logging, is it due to having multiple keypads? Doesn't matter if I am or disarm from keypads/dashboard/HSM app.

Yes, you'll see one for each keypad as they sync up.


I have a bunch of RM that trigger by HSM events and status. they launch multiple times per since events are received more than once. any advice on how to deal with that?

I'm thinking of setting a variable that is set to the time (epoch) that the rule last started... and if it was already started within 10 sec ago then just don't run again. feels icky though.

Try the new trigger option called "stays" it should help, that's what I'm doing.

I'm not sure that'll work for me, are duplicate individual events called a "stay" ? will have to experiment.

I just modified my rules to check the last time they were triggered. like this:


This is what I'm doing, it works

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The announcement volume is working fine here, again I don't use RM so I can only test using the keypad device. Command hasn't changed in the driver, so it has to be something that changed in RM.


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mea culpa. somehow the keypad driver went back to the non-community driver. I don't remember doing that, but.. It got done. sorry for noise.

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Is there anything that is (or can be) available to find out which keypad triggered an HSM disarm ?

I though there might be a lastDisarmCodeEnteredTime -- so i could just poll all the keypads and see which one has the latest time that a code was entered -- but dont see anything like that either.

I'll look into it.

New version available...

1.1.8 - 04/02/22 - Added lastCodeTime (updates with any keypad actions) and alarmStatusChangeTime (changes when the alarm changes status)

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This works great when there's one keypad -- but with multiple, they are all updated every time any one of them changes status. i think this is because of the way they resync. can you think of a fix for that??

dev 1334 is my "back door keypad" that i was actually using to change status
dev 1175 is my "foyer keypad" and hasnt been touched in hours.

I also modified the driver a little to add lastCodeEpochms and lastStatusChangeEpochms so that I can do something like

That also shows the same problem... I disarmed from the back keypad but the front keypad milliseconds is afterwards.. which im betting is because of the way it's syncing with HSM.