[Deprecated] Ring Alarm Keypad G2 - New Dev/Driver/Thread Links in 1st post!

Maybe I’m missing the intent here, but if you were to trigger off of HSM status changing, and then do a compare on the keypad times to determine the earliest wouldn’t that tell you the initiating device?

'lastCodeTime' will only update when a User Code is entered. It will only update the keypad that it was entered into. I have 3 keypads and have verified this.

'alarmStatusChangeTime' updates anytime the alarm status changes. It will update all keypads since it's a global change.

Make sense?


ohhhh..... totally makes sense. lastCodeTime was confusing me because I was using the Device page's Arm/Disarm button and wasn't seeing it being updated at all. So i ignored that and was only looking at alarmStatusChangeTime which I figured was keypad independent- the last time /this keypad/ changed the alarm status.

so this works great, using lastCodeTime.

I'm still using my own patch to use epoch time instead of string format so that I can mathematically compare to see which keypad did the changing, which allows me to:

are you interested in a PR in github for that?

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sure, it's a community driver :grin:

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New version...

1.1.9 - 04/03/22 - Added lastCodeEpochms and alarmStatusChangeEpochms (epoch in milliseconds version of lastCodeTime and alarmStatusChangeTime) - Thanks @jkister

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All tones > Tone_3 have stopped functioning via this last update.

I created a new custom driver via the February release as a roll-back and all is working again.

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New version...

1.2.0 - 04/04/22 - Fixed Tones

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Been seeing these errors recently in the logs from both of my ring keypads... havent really changed much recently. Seems to be related to HSM changing state. Any suggestions?

fyi, also getting the same error message....

New version...

1.2.1 - 04/14/22 - Bug hunting


Thanks... that might be some sort of record for bug fix time...! Downloading now.

Why HPM don't detect the last updates? I do it manually because I was stock on 1.1.x

HPM does a simple compare on the version number - developer reported version vs what HPM shows as your version. So if you’re not seeing updates either the developer hasn’t increased the version number or HPM has you listed as already having that version or higher. I have seen where GitHub has not provided the right source code for the update request on occasion (caching issue?), but a repair usually corrects that.

You can check what it has listed for you by selecting View Apps and Drivers.

I just double checked Github and everything is listed correctly.

The latest version is 1.2.1

If you're not seeing this in HPM, please do a 'repair' within HPM


I checked in HPM and the driver was not listed. I do a match up and HPM dont detect the driver I had manualy installed. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it through HPM and now it is listed in HPM...
Weird that HPM match up dont detect it... anyway it work now.

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Lately Hubitat has been flagging the Ring Keypad on my back door for "excessive events." The Back door is in the kitchen, so the proximity sensor (which is enabled) is constantly triggering when someone is doing the dishes, for example. It currently registers every single motion event, so if someone is moving around in front of the keypad, it is generating motion events constantly. Is there a way to delay the "retrigger" time like what the driver for Hue Motion Sensors does? For that driver, I'm able to specify the time between the initial trigger and retrigger (10 seconds by default). If that's not possible, I may need to disable the proximity sensor as it's generating hundreds of motion events when people are in the kitchen. Thoughts?

There isn't an option to delay the re trigger. But those events aren't hurting anything unless they go on for hours at a time. To stop the Excessive Events warning, simply up the 'Event Threshold' on the device page.

Got it, thanks

Hi all.

I have my Ring G2 keypad included and it is utilizing the community driver. I have some basic questions that I thought would be easy to find on the forum but I'm not having any success at the moment.

is there a guide that includes the ring G2 keypad for setup with HSM? like a full for dummies level style guide. I set the ring keypad as the keypad to use for Arm and disarm in HSM, but no where in HSM does it state where to utilize a keypad code that should be associated with the HSM functionality.

I can set a code in the Keypad device menu and see the lock code reflected under current states for "lockcodes" if I press the Arm home or arm away option within the device menu in the app it will change the state in HSM. But if I attempt to use the code on the keypad I can't (or do not know how) to initiate each mode with the keycode or with the single button arm home/away functionality so that it will arm HSM.

do we have a parameter list for the alarm keypad driver that I just can't seem to locate for this particular keypad? (HSM asks for a button assignment for the one button arming, but I have no idea what button # those are) looking at the driver code it appears to be 5 and 6? but putting that in HSM seems to have no effect.

sorry for the long winded post. just driving me crazy lol. HSM via the app works fine, alarm keypad via the app device menu works fine, but physical interaction with they keypad's been a non starter so far.

This sounds a lot (the same?) as my trouble when I started, I thought I just didn't know what I was doing, but it ends up the keypad was in a confused 1/2 paired state where it could receive commands but not send them back to the hub.

@dkilgore90 found that mine didnt have the secureInClusters data - so we ended up unpairing and repairing. @bptworld recommended pairing with SmartStart which worked, but smartstart itself might have been placebo, maybe a regular re-pair would have worked fine.

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