Mind if I join you?

Good afternoon all! Like many of you I suspect, I'm migrating from a SmartThings environment to Hubitat. Blasted Samsung deprecating their Groovy support is about like Microsoft suddenly blacklisting Visual C++ from Windows, right? It's outrageous and unthinkable, yet they've done it.

Well, I'm pleased to automate my home with webCoRE again, and to have my Reolink cameras working as motion sensors for my driveway and front porch lights. Shame I missed out on the Hub Link train, but I'm slowly but surely pushing Samsung out of my home.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and thanks for all the helpful advice everyone! This forum has been a valuable tool, especially with migrating over my Meross garage door wifi triggers. There are some brilliant people around.



Do two things for us.

  1. Check this link out about updating your randomly assigned username:
    Open message to "user####" - How to change your community name
  2. Go here and join the Owners group:
    Hub owners - Hubitat

If you still have some SmartThings devices hanging on, this might be beneficial:

Rick also did a nice post (we will NEVER tell him we think so) to help guide new users. Given that this isn't your first foray into home automation, much of this will be redundant, but it never hurts to have a refresher.



I say that 'cause I'm not one of them. :wink: But yes, this place is rife w/smart, helpful people, can't take a half-step w/out bumping into one of them. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community.


What an excellent welcome! I had to message @support_team about your suggestion #1 (renaming my user5376 username). However, #2 = complete.

Edit: Hey, looky there! My username is fixed. w00p!

The HubiThings Replica driver looks interesting, although I'm leaning toward putting my effort into completing the migration of all my IoT gadgets out of SmartThings. I'm starting to get a nauseous feeling every time I log into my SmartThings IDE and see the blank spaces where I used to clone git code for apps and drivers. But I'll check that thread out nevertheless.

Also, good to know that I can use my Hubitat to exclude Z-wave devices from ST. That feels vengefully satisfying somehow. :smiley: If there are other tidbits in Rick's thread as useful as that, then I'd be a fool not to read it as well. Thanks a bunch!


And vice-versa, if the need ever arises. One note - some folks have run into issues when pairing devices to Hubitat w/an existing ST hub trying to "steal" the devices when they are in pairing mode. Hasn't happened to me in ages, but is a possibility.

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@rojo Welcome to hubitat! Take a gander at this thread. It will help avoid some of the gotchas...


Have you had your coffee? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Apparently not.... I have had my vodka though


Mind if I join you? :wink: Though I prefer a bourbon....


@sburke781 Mmmm, Woodford over a cloudless ice sphere. Is it 5:00 yet?

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You guys have it all wrong...bunch of rookies.

A&W over Breyer's Natural Vanilla or other top-notch vanilla ice cream that actually has vanilla bean in it.

There is no finer beverage. :wink:


5am or 5pm? I'm halfway between both... :wink: Ok, maybe not half, but cut me some slack... :wink: For me normally Gentleman JD, but I will lower my standards if the price is too high... Blanton's was also a favourite quite some time ago... I even produced my own once upon a time....

It's 5 o'clock somewhere


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