Mercator Ikuu

The Australian Mercator IKUU zigbee range was released weeks ago. The brochure is on their website but I am interesyed in price and availability. Has anyone seen then for sale yet?

That's some nice-looking gear! I haven't seen it before, but a quick google shows their products available from here:

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Good to see some more zigbee devices.
Just wish those ceiling fans had zigbee built in rather than wifi!

@andrew9 did you end up finding any? I spoke to my local Lighting Illusions store and they said they weren't expecting stock in the stores for a month or so but they were available on their website.

My order just arrived from (The Lighting Superstore);

Classic Colour Globe (B22) x 1
GU10 Colour Globe x 1
GU10 Globe x 1
Quad Switch x 1

Any advice on how to pair?
When I first turned on the light (B22), it slow-pulsed. Attempted to join, but it was not found. The directions in the Activate Pairing Mode section, it says "All Mercator Ikuu Zigbee products require Mercator Ikuu Zigbee hub."

The directions are then to plug in the globe and switch the power on. Then turn on and off 3 time in quick succession. Teh globe will flash then start to pulse rapidly.

Can't seem to get it to do that.

Sorry @saxnix no idea how they all work. I was hoping they would pair with the HE without another gateway.

Hi, hadn't looked for a couple of weeks but no.
Lighting Ilusions seems to have a good range.

Im a bit worried if they actally do need an IKUU hub. Am hoping they will pair directly to HE hub.

I just assumed that they would pair as generic zigbee devices. Could this not be the case??

I would have thought they would have, but will need someone with way more knowledge than me to chime in here. Possibly @bravenel could point me/us in the right direction?

That sounds pretty clear to me.

Yes it is very clear, but that doesn't mean it is correct.
If they are compliant Zigbee products, as Mercator claims, then they will need a compliant hub but it will not need to be a Mercator product and they will pair with HE,

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Do they pair at all? A Zigbee device with a fingerprint unknown to the hub will pair as "Device". If that happens, then it's just a matter of coming up with the right driver for it. Sometimes a device will pair this way that would actually work with one of the built-in drivers, but for the fingerprint. Usually, picking the most obvious Generic Zigbee driver will work -- it is essential to hit Configure on the device page when you change the driver.

If they don't pair at all, odds are they are not truly Zigbee HA compliant. If they do pair as "Device", then you can get the fingerprint from the device page, and we may be able to make a driver work for it.


Bad news…

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Many thanks for clarifying.
Thats very disappointing and rules them out for me.

The Ikuu website states “Most Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products are Zigbee 3.0 compliant”. I’ve had a look at the light switch and dimmer switch that I’m interested in and they specify that they are Zigbee 3 compliant.

Now, I may have misunderstood this, but I thought that anything that is compliant with the Zigbee standards would be able to be paired with open hubs, such as HE, since they are then using standard clusters. Would you be able to offer an insight here @bravenel?

The Zigbee Alliance doesn’t have any Ikuu devices listed other than the hub. Same with Mercator devices - largely missing!?

Would seem the 3.0 claim is largely marketing???

Bugger. That’s very disappointing to hear.

I wonder if @saxnix has received the ones he ordered yet

Very disappointing if these zigbee items don't work, specially given the zigbee marketing

Yes, received them yesterday, and unfortunately, I am not having any luck getting the bulb to be found during pairing.

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