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Hi everyone,
Is there a specific brand of wireless devices that you would say work better then others with the C7. I've been reading some other posts about certain brands freezing or slowing down the box. From past experiences, are there brands that I should avoid?

Looking for : Motion sensors, 2 pole switches, and wireless door contacts.

Check out these topics:

Motion sensors:

Contact sensors:

Switches and dimmers:


The safest bets are ones that are listed as "officially" compatible:


And, on that list, ones that don't note an incompatibility with your model of hub (the C-7), which I don't see noted on any of those officially, though the Zooz ZEN25 that used to have such a note has mysteriously vanished from the list entirely, so I'm not sure what's up with that... (and there are a couple others you may have found in the community; consider avoiding those, too).

For recent community favorites, I'd check out ... the things BobbyD just posted and saved me from needing to find links to. :smiley:


Thanks for your help, Cheers!

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