Litter box warning 🚦

We have a Litter Robot for our cats, before Hubitat I had a simple IFTTT rule that just turned a hue Go light red when it was “full” unfortunately IFTTTs flag for full from litter robot wasn’t actually full it was 3 cycles from full. Once I’d connected both hue and the littler robot I made rules that let me know when we’re getting close, then actually full.


Nice, I like this idea! If you hadn't noticed, I have an LR integration with Hubitat so you can cut out the IFTTT middleman if you want. It'll actually give you the percentage the waste basket is full:



For those without litter robot, I've got a motion sensor that goes in our cat's litterbox. After 50 uses, it sends us a notification that it's time to clean :slight_smile: I'll have to look into litter robot.


Hah I tried that at first too. However I have two cats. One doesn't cover her "mess" and the other one is a "lady" who goes in and covers it for her so my counts were way off due to her "tidying up" after her roommate!

Litter-Robot is awesome, but it's expensive.

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Having been a (hacked) CatGenie user for years, this post intrigues me very much. We were between cats for a while and ditched the CatGenie, so have been using just a regular litter box for now. Not thrilled on the expense part, but are LR owners here otherwise happy with it? We have two cats sharing one litter box now.

Teach the cat to whistle when the litterbox needs servicing.


The motion sensor in the litter turns the fan on for a period of time.


Yes, as long as your cats don't mind a covered litter box. Some won't go in. Not that I'll make up the cost difference, but I use less litter now so I save a little money that way.


I am a relatively new Hubitat user and I stumbled across this and am trying to use your custom integration for the Litter Robot.

I have added the code, signed in and added my litter robot to the app, but I can't figure out how to add a device for monitoring / notifications. Can you by chance provide a little direction?

Thank you!

Yes, sorry if I was unclear.... this is only Hubitat and Hue, I’ve disconnected IFTTT but mine is based on cycles.

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@burn6010 Just make a Rule Machine rule, start with the device you want to use as your “alert device” (the thing you want to automate)

Then make the trigger the fill % or cycle count for the little robot. I made separate rules for cycle (running fine, cycle count <14) almost full (cycle count >= 14) and full (cycle count >= 16)


Very cool. Glad to see fellow cat owners in the group :slight_smile:

The other day my wife asked if we could automate locking of the SurePet connect cat flap. I found a Smartthings DTH, but having issues adapting it to Hubitat.

Anyone here that also happens to own a SurePet flap ?

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For anyone who cares, I think I got this device ported over. Once @Kulfsson confirms everything is working this weekend I'll get it out there for everyone


Is that "like" your way of saying you think it's good to go? :slight_smile:

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Yes, indeed. No issues on my end and it seems to work a charm :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great work on porting the app and making it work with the HE.


@dman2306 the Litter Robot has has a weight sensor, is the weight of the cat in the box exposed as an event? we have 3 cats each distinctly different weights, If the cat's weight were an event I'd be able to track each cat seperately, and possibly graph each cat's usage with Hubigraph.

One of our cats has had some urinary issues so knowing if he's using the litter box a lot more or a lot less would be a good early indicator that something is wrong.

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I'll try to look. I didn't actually write the integration, it's just a port from an ST integration. I'll add it to my list to see if there is a way to get that. Unfortunately Litter Robot doesn't document anything.

As a note, a small project I'm working on you might be interested in, I plan to shove a contact sensor inside the drawer that when I pull the drawer out for more than 30 seconds (meaning I wasn't just peeking in to see if it was truly full), it will reset the drawer gauge automatically. I don't know why with all the fancy sensors in this thing they didn't do that :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Doesn’t the DFI state change when the drawer is open? Do you need a separate sensor or could you just use the DFI state?

Hmm great question. I’ll have to check

There's actually a pill you can give cats so they never poop again. Actually, any medication in sufficient quantities has the same effect.