Sure PetCare hub and Door Connect errors (DTH Port)

My significant other asked if we could connect our Pet door to the Hubitat, funnily enough I hadn´t thought of that until she asked. So I jumped on the task to prove the worth of the almighty Hubitat :slight_smile:

I managed to find a DTH for this and did the recommended physicalgraph replacement, installed the app and the drivers and to my surprise I was able to log on to the Sure PetCare website and find my devices !

But.. my joy quickly ended there as I wasn´t able to control the pet door. Upon looking at the logs it seems the app tries to install the 3 component devices (Hub, Door, Pet), but generates some errors, so most likely some more wrangling of the code is needed. Another thing that crashes the app is setting of curfew mode.

With my limited experienc I believe the changes needed are minimal. I wonder if anyone here is interested in this and has more knowledge to complete the porting ?

You can find the DTH here: [RELEASE] Sure PetCare (Connect) V1.2c - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

Here are my logs (blurred identifiers). The error seems to start when the app tries to add the device AFAIK.

I don't own the device but I like porting stuff so if you're willing to help test, I'd give it a try (only challenge is we have a 4 hour timezone difference)

Wow, that sounds great. Let me PM you :slight_smile:

Did you guys manage to sort this out? I’m new to Hibitat and this would be a great addition.
The app runs but when I try to authenticate I get an error (I’ve checked my credentials).
I’d be grateful for any help please.

@dman2306 did a great job porting this and has released it here: [RELEASE] Sure PetCare Pet Door Integration

This has been working great for me :slight_smile:

I tried again and all good thanks.


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