Lack of response from support

Up to Hubitat to make that call if they want to list a device by device claim. That I would assume would be something a very large staff could accomplish. This is very much a startup company and staffing for that kind of detailed analysis of every single device on that list is not a simple request. And how does that help the company grow or make more profit to sustain their business?

There is a general statement at the top of the compatible devices list.

“Devices listed here are confirmed to have worked with Hubitat, but this does not mean the device will be guaranteed to work with Hubitat. Support cannot assist you with pairing devices with the hub. Building a proper mesh network with repeaters is required to make most Zigbee and Z-Wave devices work with Hubitat.”

Again, comparisons to Wink and SmartThings are largely irrelevant. Wink took a specific approach. Glad everyone whom had a Wink liked it, but they’re almost dead, so that’s probably not the best model to follow.

SmartThings is surviving, but only because they were saved by Samsung. SmartThings isn’t a money maker for Samsung yet, and if it continues to be an expense instead of a revenue builder, they will eventually dump it.


@kharrison ok.. So it seems these devices don’t respond to anything when polled... they do respond with refresh... So I created a rule machine periodic refresh and they are reporting physical

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To prevent confusion and future disappointment for owners of these specific legacy switches (GE Jasco Non plus switches/dimmers having a SKU beginning with 127), they have been removed from the compatibility list.


To answer your question, I wouldn't blame the PC but I would say that the video card is a working video card if I can move it to another PC and it works perfectly fine. It would indicate that something in the other PC was problematic but obviously doesn't pinpoint which component or piece of software is causing the problem. My only point was to state that I have a good working lock that had never given me issues when used with Wink to rule out bad hardware.

According to Hubitat support I don't want the Z-Wave repeater close to the middle but instead as close to the hub as possible while still getting a signal to/from the lock. I'm using Schlage BE468/469 locks. I didn't get into specifics about the locks in this thread because I have another thread specifically addressing that and this was more towards the best method to get a better response for support. The other detail I will include is that I have two other identical locks that aren't causing issues (according to Hubitat support after reviewing my logs) but they also have intermittent reporting and response issues. I do appreciate everyone's input and willingness to help find a solution!

OK the PC analogy didn't work :rofl:

Thanks for posting the model numbers. I copied that and pasted in search and found this. Might help.

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@tobyp24 - that's some rock solid advice from @SmartHomePrimer; to be honest, I forgot all about that.

What are the firmware versions on your three locks? Any difference between the ones that work mostly, and the one that doesn't?

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I did contact Schlage support and they indicated the lock firmware could not be updated on these models. I downloaded the software just to confirm and didn't see these models listed.

That is correct. They sent me a whole new lock (for free).

Well, I had a video card that worked perfectly in an older motherboard and when I installed it in a newer motherboard the video card was not working properly, upgraded the video card and it's working better...

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I get what you're saying but I also think everyone wants to avoid replacing hardware especially since the locks aren't cheap and for many people they are relatively new.

I know, I replaced my non plus switches a year after I started with HE, but they worked fine with the poller app.

Are there any issues with the Kwikset Smartcode 916 and 910 Zwave locks? I have these set up with Wink and transitioning this weekend.

You will see both answers here, yes and no, but for me I had no issues. Good mesh first, then add the locks

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Z-wave locks can be finicky. Make sure you have z-wave+ repeaters that support beaming close the the Hubitat and the locations of the lock (within a few feet in each case).

Exclude the lock from Wink, and factory reset it. If pairing in place doesn't work, bring the lock within a couple feet of your Hubitat and pair it again. Keep the lock alive during pairing. Finally, do a z-wave network rebuild after pairing each lock and after the locks are in the final location.

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@vjv and @aaiyar Thanks for the feedback! I've been building my Z-wave mesh outwards from the HE, the Kwikset locks, Dome Shut off valve and a couple of motion sensors are the last to be added. Other devices are AC powered plugs (2 units) and GE Dimmer. I still have an older GE Dimmer (JAS12724 - GE 12724) that I am not sure will work reliably based on user comments. So far the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus dimmer works well.

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I have three Z-Wave+ repeaters but it was my understanding that putting them close to the locks wouldn't serve much of a purpose. I was told by support that they should be as close to the hub as possible while still getting a signal to the lock. So I have one repeater right next to the hub and two more central to the locks. Am I doing it wrong and should I move the repeaters closer to the locks?

I have one range extender next to my zwave hub. The others are distributed. There's one within 10 ft of each lock.

@SmartHomePrimer Thanks for the explanation. At least in my case, there was (and perhaps still is) some confusion with the terminology. For better or worse, I came from a Wink environment where "compatible" and "supported" were interchangeable terms. Everything else was "unsupported". In the Hubitat context, compatible devices are essentially unsupported.

Compatible devices are still subject to the vagaries of individual z-wave mesh networks.


I migrated my JAS12724 - GE 12724 dimmer last night. It excluded fine from Wink, but would not pair with Hubitat. I included it back with Wink with no issue. I then re-excluded, tried a few more times to include into HE to no avail. I had to shut down the HE, and move it closer (about 2 ft) from the switch (I knew that 5o foot Ethernet cable would come in handy one day!). Once I did this, it included immediately. Agreed, the behavior is different setting up with Wink vs HE, but ultimately HE is significantly more powerful than Wink … just 30 more devices to go!! :slight_smile:

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