Schlage Zwave lock not reporting consistently

I have an old Schlage Zwave lock that I migrated from Smartthings. It only reports or connects about 30% of the time. Which means I cannot remotely unlock it when needed, which is the biggest issue. A secondary issue is that it is useless to use in rules to turn on the outside or foyer lights after dark if the door is unlocked.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Would going to a new Zwave Plus Schlage lock help?

Zwave Plus definitely helps on reporting - IF you can get it to pair... LOL. Schlage Zwave Plus locks tend to be very picky on pairing.

As an adder, going to Zigbee should also improve things. That is what I'm doing with my Kwikset standard zwave locks - replacing the modules from zwave to zigbee.

I don't think you can do that with schlage, but you can with Yale and Kwikset.

I had a schlage be468 that would miss a report every so often or not unlock/lock on command. It ended up being those zwave repeaters on the 3210-L. I removed them from my zwave network after reading on here that they aren't reliable repeaters and haven't had an issue since.

My experience has been just the opposite. I have unpaired every single Iris plug from Hubitat recently and as a result lost contact with one of my BE469's. Didn't realize for over day, until I noticed the battery had died.

Schlage now has a Zigbee lock that has the same design as my current one, so I would have to change out the door handle either. For the pairing, I had a horrible time with my old Zwave lock until I unplugged my Smartthings hub. Once I did that, it paired the first time after dozens of tries.

I put in a Fibaro Zwave Plus wall plug next to the lock to help with any Zwave network issues, since it should act as a repeater.

I have other powered devices, but I have found with the Schlage locks that if you remove their preferred neighbor device, they don't usually reconnect until a Z-Wave repair is done. I'll also be putting the Iris repeaters back in service soon with a modified custom driver to keep an eye on their health.

I wasn't as helpful as I should have been on my reply, and should have asked.. What is the firmware on your lock, and what model is it? Anything on the BE468/469 locks before 7.2 (although some here have 7.1) is sketchy. If your lock is running 6.8, replace it. That version is running garbage firmware. I had some issues with my older BE469s on Smartthings. They didn't report reliably and the Z-Wave mesh would slow to a crawl for several minutes if I attempted to lock both locks at the same time with a rule.

The devs looked into it and determine both locks were flooding the network with unparseable messages. I replaced them both and had no further issues with reporting or slowdowns.

On many Schlage locks the firmware version is printed on the same label as the factory codes.


The firmware is 6.8 on the lock. I have seen the performance of my Zwave devices/network degrade recently. I figure it was interference, but if the 6.8 firmware spams the network, that would explain it. I have ordered the new Schlage Zwave Plus lock.

Try removing the lock from the network and see if your Z-Wave performance improves. My bet is that it will..


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