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Have you found that the factory reset was necessary in each case, or is it just an added precaution? I have to migrate 6 locks and I was hoping to avoid re-creating my lock codes.

Typically it is just a precaution. Try it without the factory reset first if you want.

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It is a precaution. However, if you want to manage lock codes with Hubitat's Lock Code Manager app, you will have to delete all existing lock codes. I only have two locks - LCM makes it easy to manage codes to both locks from a single app.


OK that is good to know because I am going to manage codes with LCM.

My locks are 4 Schlage BE469, 1 FE599 and 1 Kwikset 910. I believe they are all z-wave not z-wave plus because they were bought in 2015/6. I have Z-wave extenders within 10 feet of each lock (or the lock is within 10 feet of the hub). I've read thru the posts about these locks and it seems like there are all sorts of success or failure stories especially Kwikset.

Will having z-wave and not z-wave plus cause problems with using any of these locks, especially getting status updates when locking manually?

What is the firmware version? FW 7.2 and later are fine. 7.1 may be ok. 6.8 is garbage.

Because it supported a very limited range of devices, Wink would workaround the network flood caused by FW 6.8. Most other controllers (including Hubitat) don't do that.

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These locks are still paired to Wink, how can I find the firmware version? I've looked but can't figure it out.

There's a sticker on the back of the lock with the FW version. Schlage has replaced locks for free for me. Just send them a photo of the back of the lock with a note indicating it is causing issues on your z-wave network. The photo below was from a lock with FW 5.8.

Edit - they may not even require the photo. For the most recent swap I did, they only asked for the serial number.

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Ah ok, I couldn't remember if those locks had user upgradeable firmware or not. I have the original manuals that show the firmware so I will look for those. I've already found a couple with 6.8 and 7.1. I suspect that most of the BE469 are 6.8. I've had good luck with Schlage in the past replacing defective devices but asking for 3 or 4 at a time might be pushing it. I'll see what I've got.

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Based on the results of extensive testing that I did with SmartThings Z-Wave devs, 6.8 specifically spits out a lot of gibberish (corrupted messages). On my system it was roughly at a rate of about 10 per second when the lock is commanded to do anything. This pretty much killed Z-Wave anytime I tried using the locks.

Replacing all of them was the solution.


Do you know if it it's possible to replace/upgrade the z-wave module in the Schlage locks to z-wave plus and through that process get more a recent firmware version?

Nope.. It's integral to the mainboard. There are no user-installable firmware updates either..

What's worse, if they are out of warranty Schlage doesn't want anything to do with them because they do not consider outdated firmware to be a defect.

Needless to say, I've purchased my last Schlage product after that experience.