Lack of response from support

What is the trick to getting Hubitat support? I will open a ticket and get a response asking for additional information and respond with the requested information only to get no response in return. This has happened several times now. I have been having pretty severe issues with my system including unresponsive/inaccurate reporting for locks and an unresponsive hub (once when I was out of town on vacation) and would really like to get to the bottom of the issues.

It seems like a weekly minimum hub reboot is required to keep the system somewhat reliable. I've tried digging through logs on my own and tweaking rules to no avail. If anyone has some advice or if support sees this and can let me know what I'm doing wrong I'd really appreciate it.

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Nope. No advice.

I gave up and just do scheduled nightly reboots.

What was the best method you found to do a scheduled nightly reboot?

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I was wondering if others were still having stability problems too. I'll have to setup the scheduled reboot myself. I usually get a bit more than a week before I come downstairs in the dark and know it's reboot time. Otherwise most everything works great.

I haven't had stability issues yet, but good to know that this is an option. Does the above reboot method perform an orderly shutdown? Seems like the internal database can get corrupted if a Reboot / power AC cycle is performed. Thanks.

Yes, it is a ordered reboot. This method recapitulates doing this from the HE web interface.


Great โ€ฆ thanks for the info.

Is this just a virtual device or how did you configure this (second screenshot) with these preferences? Thanks for sharing!

It is done using @ogiewon's HTTP-momentary-switch driver.

You can also do it using Rule Machine.


@aaiyar Does this method require hub login security to be turned off?

Yes, it does. If you keep hub login security turned on (like I do), then one can use bash scripts running on an RPi (or equivalent) that can reboot the HE.

Here's an example of a script that I run through cron ....

curl -k -c $cookiefile -d username=$he_login -d password=$he_passwd https://$he_ipaddr/login
curl -k -sb $cookiefile -X POST https://$he_ipaddr/hub/reboot
rm $cookiefile

@aaiyar Thanks. I was mostly asking in case I may need it some time. So far, I have not had any issues with my hub slowing down that I have noticed. I do have a couple RPi's running for other things so I may use your code if needed on one of those.

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Thanks, I've just implemented security on my hubs, since this allows for nightly reboots via my Synology NAS. Appreciate it.

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Iโ€™m a new user and have been having a similar experience with support. I donโ€™t expect instant response but waiting weeks to get assistance doesnโ€™t make me feel good about migrating to Hubitat.

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Tagging @bobbyD.

I know support has been really swamped with new users since Thanksgiving - I hope they will clear their backlog soon.

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I agree and for me this has been going on since before the new users were added around Thanksgiving. I seem to get an initial response when I open a new ticket requesting additional information but I can never seem to get a follow up response with an actual solution.

I'm not sure if this is a ticket backlog issue or an issue with the ticketing system and follow up responses but it's a serious problem if you want to provide quality support. Seems there is only one person handling support tickets. @bobbyD

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Hi there, I took a look at your tickets and they are related to your Schlage locks not communicating properly with your hub. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do to help improve your experience, other than recommending to include/exclude and adding repeaters to strengthen your Z-Wave mesh. Are there any other outstanding tickets that have not been addressed? If there are, please send me a private message and I'd be more than happy to look into it.

My experience has been identical to yours. I also share those concerns about support being a one man show.

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