Lack of response from support

Thank you. I have also tagged @bobbyD, sent several e-mails practically begging for support, and heard nothing in 2 weeks. I’m new to Hubitat and I can honestly say that I would not have started this migration (from Wink) if I’d known there would be so many compatibility issues and lack of support.

@kharrison What kind of compatibility issues?.. I am a new user (2 weeks in) and migrated my 80 devices without any issue...

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This is the first time I’ve tried to include a link to a discussion thread on this forum, so I hope this works

@kharrison Interesting.. I have some of the same model switches... I don’t use z-wave poller though as I never manually control them, so I didn’t care about them not reporting... I’m going to try turning that on tomorrow and see if I have the same issue... If I see the issue and come up with a solution, I’ll let you know...



Likewise. I had several of these switches/dimmers (until Thanksgiving). I did use the z-wave poller app when I first moved to Hubitat and found it slowed my z-wave network to a crawl. So I turned it off.

The switches worked fine until I replaced them with Zooz zwave+ switches/dimmers. Zooz had a Thanksgiving sale that I took advantage of.

Edit - found my post from when I found that z-wave poller caused random z-wave slowdown issues:


Could you post the one for the backups?

Thanks for getting back to me. My biggest issues are the lock issues that I continue to have troubles with (never had issues with Wink using the same locks) even after adding repeaters and my hub being unresponsive. I've setup the reboot rule to see if that helps with daily reboots. I've looked at system events and logs and don't see where it shows a reboot. Can you tell me where I can see the reboot times?

No offense, but this is irrelevant. You wouldn’t remove a video card from one PC, put it into another, and when it does work, blame the PC, right? You might if everyone that tried any video card in that PC said they don’t work, but that outcome would be as illogical as thinking that a hub simply doesn’t work with a type of radio technology it’s designed to work with.

You either need a Z-Wave repeater in-between the hub and the locks ( as close to the middle point as possible), or you need different locks if you’ve already excluded, factory reset, joined the locks close to the hub, did a Z-Wave repair, and are still getting poor results. I don’t see mention of what locks. You need to let people here know so they can offer advice. Sometimes there’s something particular that needs to be done. Locks especially, can be very specific based on brand, model and installed radio ( and sub-set of that radio type too). Sometimes the advice is to change to Zigbee radio because the Z-Wave in that particular lock doesn’t work well on HE.

This by no means says that Z-Wave locks in HE don’t work well. I have a Yale YRD256 Z-Wave Plus lock and it works perfectly, always has. No repeater needed. My lock is 10 feet from the hub, with minimal obstruction.


@bobbyD mentioned that @tobyp24 had Schlage locks.

I, too, have original zwave Schlage locks (FE599, BE469) - my initial experience with them on HE was not good. Adding Aeotec range extenders has helped tremendously. After adding the range extenders, I've only had one major lock flakeout been May and December - and that turned out to be a generalized zwave issue that wasn't lock specific. At this juncture, my locks are as reliable as they were on Wink.


Sure. Here you go:

backupfile=$backupdir/$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M).lzf
find $backupdir/*.lzf -mtime +5 -exec rm {} \;
curl -k -c $cookiefile -d username=$he_login -d password=$he_passwd https://$he_ipaddr/login
curl -k -sb $cookiefile https://$he_ipaddr/hub/backupDB?fileName=latest -o $backupfile
rm $cookiefile

Unfortunately, @tobyp24 has one (of several locks) that is bringing his mesh to its knees. And despite adding repeaters, things are not looking any better for him :frowning:

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Have you identified the offending lock? That would be the first step to fixing this issue. There may be better ways, but I would simply disconnect the batteries to each lock individually and wait to determine if the rest of the zwave network is ok after a few hours. It may take a few days, but you'll find the culprit.

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Yes, we identified the problematic lock is the front door lock so unfortunately we can't just leave it offline for several days to test. I've already tried excluding, factory resetting and pairing this device several times. It's also the same model as the other locks in my house and never gave me issues with Wink so I know it's not the device.

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Sorry, but that’s not possible. The hub can’t be exclusively incompatible. If all the locks are the same brand and model, but just one doesn’t work right and is causing your Z-Wave network to come “to its knees”, that one lock does have an issue. Whether the way Wink designed their Z-Wave, or something specific they did to eliminate problems with this particular lock, neither matters in HE. It’s not going to help you troubleshoot by using Wink as a measurement.

Do you have new batteries in the lock that is giving you trouble?


That's unlikely. A properly functioning device would not bring a zwave network to it's knees. Something has happened to it while excluding it from Wink.

I had a similar experience early on with Wink (in 2014). Schlage sent me a replacement lock for free. Have you contacted Schlage?


Thanks @aaiyar it seems that the only real solution is to replace the switches. My understanding so far, is that Hubitat doesn't natively maintain a correct state for these z-wave switches (unlike smartthings or wink); the provided solution of using the poller app causes more problems than it fixes. Replacement would not be an insignificant cost for me, because I have 24 of these type switches, and at least half of them are in situations where they need to be physically controlled (bathroom fans, secondary lights, etc.) at least occasionally. That's over $300 to replace ~12 switches like the GE 12722, which are listed as compatible! My question to Hubitat, is why are these switches on the device compatibility list?

Wink support was insanely good. I haven't met a company with phone operators that had that much tech knowledge.

On the flip side, Wink didn't have support for the number of devices Hubitat has so it is a trade off. Easy to support a handful of devices well.


Because they join and do operate. They’re performance is up to the manufacturer. That is a compatible devices list, not a supported devices list.

Early versions of Z-Wave switches couldn’t report state instantly. That was a patent that was held by Lutron and expired in recent years. So new devices work properly now that they are allowed to include that functionality. SmartThings polls to get the state with those switches. HE offers the poller, but does not make claim that it’s the best solution or is going to work well with many devices.


Hubitat also pays their employees :wink:


If you consider "operate" as only able to pair and turn on/off, then yes they operate, but that is a very narrow definition of what most users would expect a smart switch to do when paired to a hub. I understand that the device has to be polled in order for status to be kept up to date, but the platform should either provide a workable, reliable way to do that or there should be a huge disclaimer on the compatibility list that the 127xx switches will have diminished functionality. Maybe I missed that disclaimer?