Known Issues in

The following are known bugs in release. These have been fixed in the

  • Rule 5.1:
    • Problem editing Days of Week Schedule triggger.
    • Problems with Lock Codes triggers.
    • Problems with Carbon Dioxide triggers.
  • Hub Variables: Rename connector when variable renamed.
  • HSM Rule:
    • Problem with hidden section.
    • Gas detector doesn't fire the rule.
  • Problem with Zigbee firmware updates getting stuck at 80% in some cases.
  • Problems with Z-Wave configuration classes V3/V4.
  • Problems with extra logging from Zooz Double Switch driver.
  • Room Lights:
    • Problem with 'Restore lights to prior state' for Off in the case where the lights were off to begin with
    • Problem with Remove Button selection.
    • Problem with Re-Enabling app when Disable Activation or Disable Turning Off removed.
    • Problem with variable true/false as Means to Activate/Turn Off.
    • Problems with Activation Setting of 'off', and corresponding red X on current value of device when that device is commanded.
    • Should not use Zigbee Group Messaging for imported Scene.
    • Will not honor contact closed for enable/disable or limit app due to bug in subscriptions for contact closed.
  • Ecobee integration: Problem with operating state with multiple thermostats. Reduce polling load with more than 1 thermostat.
  • Problem with Z-Wave SmartStart status not updating.
  • Problem with Lutron thermostat driver's extra debug logging, doesn't work with Google Home.
  • Thermostat Controller: Doesn't work with Google Home.
  • Mode Manager: Problems with earlier/later of two times.
  • Problems with battery reporting for third reality contact and motion sensors, reports half or double.
  • Problems with Pioneer AVR driver's extra debug logging.
  • Rule Machine: Can crash if app to import is deleted.
  • Heiman Gas Detector missing correct capability.
  • Basic Rule: Wait for Power fails, and reruns the rule.
  • DateTime Connector: Bug with setDate().

Release 2.3.3 fixes these issues, and has now been released to Beta. Join our Beta Program to get the latest now.


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