RM5.1 Not Triggering on Lock Code since 2.3.2 Upgrade

After upgrading from to Rule Machine is no longer triggering rules based on lock codes entered. Logging Events, Triggers, and Actions, the Event for the door code unlock shows up in the log, but fails to trigger the rule. Have tried deleting and re-creating the rule, but so far no luck.


There's a known reported bug with Any Lock Codes triggers. Fix coming in next release.


Came looking for evidence that it wasn't just me :smiley:

Keen for the fix! Every time my kids come home they set the alarm off at the moment :frowning:

I found a solution until the next release is out.

Go to http://[hubIP]:8081/ and roll back to

another workaround if you have legacy rules you can clone. my rule machine 4.1 lock code rules are triggering fine and telling me which code locked the door. just tested.

Thanks for the response, and glad to hear that a fix is in the works. I’ll mention that the same issue happens when I list individual codes as the trigger, so it doesn’t seem to be isolated to just the “Any Code” trigger.

This works ok for me...

Happy to provide anything I can to help diagnose. Just rewrote the triggers to use individual codes and have the same symptom where the unlock event shows up but does not trigger the rule. I do have “Enable LockCode Encryption” set on both locks and am using Lock Code Manager to set the codes. Not sure if that’s any different from your setup, but another data point at least.

I turned on LockCode Encryption, and it still works:

Not sure what to say, but definitely not working here.

I believe it has already been mentioned or's don't work until update. Thus this thread ... Break into two rules.

That was the fix. Bummer. I spent all morning and a few hours last night trying to figure this out. Tried every possible thing to fix, then was about to post here and found this thread.

Admins - would it make sense to email "all users" any "known issues" that creep up after a release so that we don't go nuts trying to troubleshoot?

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See this post:


With the new initiative, be sure to set this category to "watching." There are no posts other than release notes and now known issues in this category, so every notification you'd get is from staff (no comments are allowed in this category).

If you allow the community to email updates (check your community profile), then you will receive email notifications for new releases, as well as known issues.


Makes me feel better that I am not alone. I have been tinkering with this for several days over weeks now and just decided to sit down and seriously work on it today - then ask for help or post the solution. I just spent two hours and solved it 10 minutes ago. I logged in to post my findings and here it was a few days ago - "OR's" are not working in the lock code trigger! I am glad it has now been posted for everyone to be aware of. Setting up individual rules for each lock got everything working for me and was relatively easy. good tip on watching new releases).

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