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I have a rule that has previously been working, but has stopped. I have a variable that writes a lock code using rule machine to lock code manager. I can input the code on my dashboard, but it isn’t showing up in lock code manager.

Known issue with lock code triggers in RM. See this post:

Hey @Aggolden , What are you using for the airbnb integration?
I'm mostly done writing my own little app that sets lock codes via the maker API...

I use the rule posted in the original post and a tile on my dashboard to set the code through the lock manager, There is a very good set of instructions on here, written for the old rule machine and variables, that are easy to follow. I also use Gcal Search tied into my calendar. This allows me to set up a trigger for before they are supposed to arrive and one once they do. Once I get my lock figured out (Schlage), I will set up the rule to automatically enable and disable the lock code based on the rental times.

Interested in beta testing my own little app to set codes based on the airbnb calendar?
Requires Maker API and a raspberry pi or similar running nodejs.

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I appreciate the offer and would love to help out, but I don't use maker or have a raspberry PI. I'm a simple rule machine guy...

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