Mode Manager later of two times is ignoring day of week

Mode Manager later of two times is ignoring day of week.

It used to work fine, but I recently updated to a new version and it started to trigger every day instead of just the day I requested.

I have not tested extensively, so if you can't reproduce it let me know and I'll experiment.

Please post the set up page for Mode Manager.


After some more checking it's related to times being sunset related - all my modes that are triggered by sunset, or later of two times including sunset, are ignoring day of week restrictions:

It started after I updated from to, and it continues to do it while I am at version

This one also triggers every day despite being set to Friday only:


And the one that is every day except Friday, is also triggering on Friday.

There are some known problems with this. Fix coming in next release.


I found that having earlier of two times configured fails to change the mode after the latest update ( I had sunrise and 7am ). This had been working consistently since winter. As a work around I changed to just sunrise, which is currently working.

I too am noticing this. I had to switch to 7am for mode Day. It was earlier of 7am and sunrise. Hmm, today 7am failed! Just noticed.

@support Please fix, hate the though of writing mode "rules"

This is a known issue, and is fixed for the next release.

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