Issue With Color Bulb Tile

I'm not sure how long this has been going on but there is an issue with the color bulb tile on the dashboard. If a bulb is in CT mode and it is currently off, closing the the color bulb control pop-up via the x in the upper right hand corner immediately turns the bulb back on and turns it to RGB mode using the last color the bulb was set to. Also, if the bulb is in RGB mode and turned off, closing the color control turns the bulb on to the last level it had been previously set to. You cannot close color control if you want to leave the bulb off.

If the bulb is in CT and on, closing the color control windows immediately turns the bulb back to RGB mode at the same level. You can only close via the X if you want the bulb to remain in RGB mode.

This is true of Chrome on Windows (Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) with latest Windows 10) and Chrome on Android (Samsung Galaxy S9 with Chrome 76.0.3809.132 and Android 9) and the Hubitat App (latest beta version). The only way to close out of the color control window is to push the back button to force the dashboard to close. This is happening on Sengled Element Color Plus and Hue RGBW bulbs so it does not appear to be device dependent but a dashboard issue. I can reproduce the problem on every RGBW bulb connected to my Hubitat.

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I was just about to write a help request with the same issue and then saw this one. I am having exactly the same problem. The issue shows up on both the non-Beta Android App as well as on Chrome on my PC. I can also reproduce it on every RGBW bulb connected to my Hubitat. I changed the tile to just a regular bulb and if I turn it off it stays off. Go back to the Color Bulb tile and I can no longer turn it off and have it stay off.

Me and another user have a similar thread here:

Maybe now that a few people are experiencing this, they'll actually look at it.

@patrick @bobbyD @bravenel @chuck.schwer

This seems to have been reported by many, many users for a few days now but I haven't seen any response from any Hubitat staff to the problem on any of the forum posts that have gone up about it. Any idea when we might get an acknowledgement of the problem at least? Here are some of the other threads that have been started on this topic:

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Hey everyone, this is my first time with Hubitat, just installed it a couple mins ago, first thing I do is add my Philips Hue bridge with a couple bulbs, and just got this same issue, I was going crazy, but I guess I am not the only one. Hope it gets resolve cuz its being very annoying.

Just adding that Iā€™m having the same issue, app or web dashboard both behave the same as described above.

Sorry for the troubles, unfortunately, it is a known issue. See this post:

Woo Hoo, built my first dashboard and switched all the lights to straight on/off/dim as this was causing me such grief. Came here to ask the community and found this. Looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:

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Same issue here. One interim workaround is to turn bulb off in CT mode and then close dashboard or go to a different dashboard selection (i.e. dont close the CT mode panel with the X in the upper right corner). The bulb will stay off.

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This issue has been fixed. Please update to version 2.1.5:

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Works great, looks better in 2.1.5 as well

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Nope...still broken. Whenever you close a tile for a bulb in Color Temp mode when you have NOT just set the color temp, it immediately turns the bulb back to RGB mode. Steps to reproduce this:

  1. Open the color control and set color temp.
  2. Close the color control.
  3. Open the color control
  4. Turn the switch off and then back on. (Bulb will be in Color Temp mode - this is correct)
  5. Close the color control.

The light will go from color temp to RGB as soon as the color control closes. So, still needs some work @bobbyD @bravenel.

I'm still having the issues of not being able to close the color bulb tile unless I turn off the bulb first.

Running version:

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I would send an email to It is doubtful they will see it in this thread.

What seems to work, is don't play around with the settings on the device page, keep them Blank, this ends up the default that the color bulb tile see's at startup I had the same problem with my Rgbw Led control, i also put bulb tile to the same device to turn on and adjust Brightness and only color bulb to adjust color and everything seems to stay where I left it