Dashboard color bulbs not working as expected


I'm having some issues with the dashboard when controlling my color bulbs. It doesn't matter if it's a hue or Lightify device.
When I try to change color on of the light the light will change accordingly, but when I close the control it snaps back to the previous color and level. There is no rule or automation assigned which could interfere with the setting. It doesn't matter if I'm using the iOS App, Webpage from iPhone or Notebook.
Is there a better alternative which is easy to use? I don't want to spend an entire weekend configuring a dashboard,

Hub is on Firmware 2.14..130.


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Can confirm. This didn't used to act this way, it must have been some recent change.

I can set any color or any temperature, and once you press X to exit, the color flips to some (apparently) random color or temp. I even tried setting temperature on the devices page, and turning on/off from the dash and it behaved badly that way too. Just using devices tab it seems OK but the dashboard seems very screwy.

I hadn't noticed the bug because I usually turn the light on and off with a Pico or Alexa and don't screw with colors much.

To "fix" this temporarily, I can set the color or temp as desired in the devices tab, and ONLY use Alexa, a Pico w/button controller app, OR just swap the tile out for a dimmer rather than color.

I'm using an Osram RGB bulb, and Win10 here. Also no automations involving this bulb either.

I just discovered this too. I don't much use dashboards so I don't know how long this is been this way. For what its worth I was using the Edge (Chromium-Canary) browser when it happened.

Yes, I found this 5 days ago.

Still waiting on Hubitat response. @patrick, @bobbyD anything at all?

It is a known issue and a fix is coming. Unfortunately, I do not have a time-frame, but hope to be in the next release. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused.


Thanks Bobby.

Thank you. My kids are really waiting for this to function ... :slight_smile:

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+1 on this. Just found it when writing a custom driver for a project!

Edit: this bug doesn't appear to affect mobile dashboards

I just got my hubitat with my first venture into setting up a smart home (just a few devices/sensors) and thought I was doing something wrong trying to use the dashboard on Android. The app and web browser both did it so I ended up looking into alternative dashboards. Good to know it's just a bug.

This issue has been fixed. Please update to version 2.1.5:

No, it isn't.

Can someone else please confirm they are seeing the same thing?

I can confirm that issue as fixed for me at first look, but when I'm in that tile I'm unable to close the tile since the new controls center automatically, making it impossible to reach the X to close it. Only way to get out: force close the app.
It's also hard to scroll, sometimes it's possible, sometimes not and accidentally moves the color or other controls.
That's on mobile iOS app and also mobile website.

If you can't close the tile via the X, then you can't confirm or not confirm the bug that I am seeing since it requires you closing the color control to see it. The workaround is to back out the way you are doing. Try on a tablet or desktop or laptop and if you follow the steps in the thread I linked to, let me know if you're seeing what I'm seeing.

I can confirm that this issue is present in using Firefox and Edge.

Also, although you can select the color by clicking on the dragpoint of any of the color option slider, you can NOT select the color temperature by clicking on the CT value button or on the CT slider drag point (you actually have to change the CT slider to select CT mode).

I was referring to my initial report.
But I can also confirm your findings on Chrome and Windows 10

Thanks! At least I'm not going crazy. :upside_down_face:

Well, since my report and today I don't need the controls to set colors. They auto adjust to available light in my living room and set scenes/dim accordingly. I only miss a driver for hyperion (ambilight) and a better driver for my Onkyo receiver which can also set HDMI outputs, which is currently done with fhem. (I suck when it comes to coding). But let's not span this thread :wink:

It's your thread, you can do what you want to. :wink:

I just finished a Hyperion setup in my living room. But instead trying to write a driver for hyperion, I have the data in line to the LEDs spliced with 2 relays so I can control where the data signal comes from. It can be from one of 2 ESP8266 boards or an Arduino R3. The R3 runs Hyperion when my RPi is on, one ESP board runs DIYHue for regular RGBW control from Hubitat and the other ESP runs McLighting for fun animated lights and notification/flashing lights. I have it all wired to a custom perf-board that i made with sockets for each of the boards (so i can swap them if they blow up) and I mounted to the back of the TV in a project box. It took me about a week of working on almost 8 hours a day to get it all done but it really works well and I can do whatever I want with them now. I'd been thinking about doing a Hyperion project for over a year and I finally bit the bullet and I LOVE them. It really changes the way you watch television.

Hyperion truly changes watching TV for sure. My approach is simpler but requires a bit of external logic due to the fact that Dolby Vision apparently shifts colors and confusing the framegrabber. A HDFury Vertex is on my list :grin:
One R3 handles the driver part of the LEDs and also cranking out proper TTL Levels.
fhem monitors the receiver and some easy rules set the HDMi outputs (main or both), set hyperion to fixed RGB or ambilight and also switch hyperion off when receiver is off.
I built my first hyperion setup back in 2015 while living in germany and took me a lazy sunday :slight_smile:

Yeah, hyperion was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. That was definitely the easiest part of the setup. And once I gave up on the stupid push-fit connectors and just soldered wires to the strips it was much MUCH easier.